Am I Your Only Shawty?

Ariana Grande, the new girl in Saphire College, was excited to be attending the school of her dreams. When she meets Perrie Edwards, her roommate and future best friend, everything turns around. Ariana becam one of the most popular girls in college. But when her boyfriend she so dearly loved cheats on her, would she give him a second chance or leave?


7. Why Ari Why?

Niall's POV:


I was really worried. Ariana hadn't been back for 20 minutes. I was so stupid to let her go. Suddenly the door opened- it was Perrie. I looked up and rushed to her.

"Where's Ari?!" I asked quickly and panicked.

"I have no idea. she just ran off and hid. And no, I have no idea where she hid," she stated.

I sighed. Ari had read the letter and she wouldn't like me, or hangoug out with me, or anything. I had lost my one, true love.

"You okay?" Perrie asked.

I let out another sigh and told her about how much I love Ari. She gasped and I closed my eyes.

"Wow... Niall I'm so sorry..." she tried to apologize.

"It's not your fault, I just... don't know what'll happen between us," I said.

"Yes it is my fault! I forgot to hide the note!" tears sprung into her eyes. I hugged her and let her cry on my lap.

Ariana's POV:


I started to head back to my dorm.

When I got there I was in for a little surprise. I saw Perrie crying on Niall's lap as soon as I walked in. I mean I have to admit I did sort of like him, but I had a date tonight. Now, what was his name.... Crap! I didn't even know his name! Oh well, I guess I'll find out tonight. Anyway back to the scene I was witnessing... when I saw that I walked out. I don't even know why. I just knew I had to get out of there.

I heard a thud and a door open behind me. Shoot. I ran as fast as I could towards the beach. Yep, this school had almost anything. No wonder why it was one of the most famous.... I shook my head and tried to blend in with the crowd of people by the snowcone stand. Man it was hot out.

I saw Niall coming towards me. I ran towards the edge of a rock that people dived off of. It wasn't like cliff diving or anything. it was about a yard above the ocean. I was deciding if I should jump or not. I closed my eyes. For some reason, this was scary. I was abou to jump when suddenly two, strong arms wrapped around me. I thought Niall, but when I turned to see who it was, it was the boy who'd asked me out earlier today.

"What do you think you're doing?" he spat.

"Jumping to get away from a friend," I responded.

"Not on my watch, do you know how deep the water is right there? Not to mention freezing cold," he said.

"No... and how cold could it possibly be?" I asked curiously.

"Try 49 degrees (Farenheit)," he stated.

"Wow... um okay, thanks," I smiled and kissed his cheek.

"My name is Zayn, by the way," he said smiling.

"I'm Ariana, but call me Ari for short," I smiled.

"What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl," he said with a smile.

"Well," I began with a smile and blushing like crazy, "I'll see you tonight," I handed him my phone number.

"I can't wait," he said kissing my hand and walking off.

Niall's POV:


Ari walked into the dorm then all of a sudden ran out. I dropped Perrie and followed Ari. By the time I was at the beach and it seemed like I had caughten up, she was nowhere to be found.

Suddenly, I spotted a flash of red hair. She turned and saw me and started running away. I was trying to get through the crowd when I saw her about to jump off the ledge that would lead her to her death. I tried to run after her and stop her, but someone came behind her and picked her up, leading her away from the edge.

My heart stopped when I saw who it was.

It was Zayn.

I watched them talk and Ari kissed his cheek. I just stood there watching them and in shock. Zayn started to head back coming my way, and Ari went back to the dorm. I rushed off to the dorm to find Perrie asleep on her bed.

I sighed and turned on the tv and sat on the couch. That's when Ari walked in.

I watched her as she sat down next to me.

"Ari, are you okay?" I stretched my arm out across the couch. It kinda looked like I had my arm around Ari.

"I guess.." she said unsure.

"You were about to die...." I said quietly.

"I know... until Zayn came a saved me," she said.

"Yeah, Zayn's one of my best friends," I said coolly.

"He is? Well, I'm going out on a date with him tonight. We met earlier today,"she said. My heart stopped.

"O-oh," I said sadly.

"Ni, I know you like me," she spoke. I froze. Was it really that noticeable? I had only known her for a day.

"Oh..." I said.

"But then there's," she said."-Demi," I pitched in. She nodded. "I wouldn't have said yes to Zayn if I could be with you," she said looking down.

"I know. I wouldn't let her hurt you, even if we're just friends," I said with a smile.

"I'm sorry Niall, I can't even be around you without her making an attemp to attack me," she said.

"No, Ari, please. I need you," I said trying to fight the tears.

"I-I can't, I-I'm sorry," she stuttered.


"I'm sorry..." she walked out crying.

'Why Ari,why?' I thought and sighed.  





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