Am I Your Only Shawty?

Ariana Grande, the new girl in Saphire College, was excited to be attending the school of her dreams. When she meets Perrie Edwards, her roommate and future best friend, everything turns around. Ariana becam one of the most popular girls in college. But when her boyfriend she so dearly loved cheats on her, would she give him a second chance or leave?


3. Who's That Boy?

Ariana's POV:


"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!" I apologized as I got up and got my bag.

"No, I'm the one should be sorry. I bumped into you," the person said. I looked at him and got a better look of the person I tripped. He had blonde hair swooped up to an angle, crystal blue eyes, which were the most beautiful eyes I had seen in my life, and the most adorable irish accent ever!

I smiled.

"I'm still sorry," I stated. I offered him my hand.

"It's okay, I'm Niall by the way," He smiled at me and picked up his bag.

"I'm Ariana, but you can call me Ari if you want," I said sweetly.

"Nice to meet you Ari, so what do you have for your first class?" he asked.

"Not sure," I pulled out my schedule and loooked at it. He peered at my schedule over my shoulder.

Niall's POV:

I looked over Ari's shoulder's to see her schedule. Man was she beautiful. She was so kind and sweet. And her red her made her even more beautiful than she already  was. "Niall," I heard some one say.

I broke away from my thoughts and looked at who called me. It was Ari. "Oh, sorry," I said.

"It's alright," she said.

I pulled out my schedule and compared my schedule with hers. Wow. we had the same classes at the same exact time. Nice!

"Woah, that's awesome!" she said looking at both of our schedules.

"I know. Now we can be came even better friends," I said smiling.

"Yeah!" she smiled and giggled. Her giggle was so cute.

"Want me to walk you to class? It starts in about 5 minutes," I asked.

"Well, if it's not too much trouble..." she began.

"It isn't," I said smiling once again.

She smiled and I led the way to our first class, english. To be honest, english was not my favorite subject.

When we got there I heard Ari yell, "Perrie!"

Perrie? Perrie Edwards? Yeah, I knew about her. She was my best friend, along with four other boys. Two of them had girlfriends, but one of the lads seemed to like Perrie. I heard Perrie yell back.

"Ari! Thank goodness we have almost every class together or else I don't know where I would've found you! Where were you?" She questioned Ari.

"Well, I was looking for you, then I ran into Niall," she said sneaking a glance at me.

Perrie just laughed. "I can always count on him," she said.

Ari looked confused.

"Huh?" she just looked at  Perrie.

"Niall's my best friend. We have been since last year," she explained.

"Ohhhh," Ari said.

"Yeah so that's why I can always count on him. He's like the brother I've always wanted," Perrie stated.

"Oh, cool!" she said with a smile and walked in to class. I walked in after her with Perrie behind. I could feel all eyes looking at me and Ari. What were they looking at? My eyes examined Ari for a moment. I looked down and saw our entwined hands. I pulled away without effort. Apparently, Ari wasn't holding on to my hand with made me sad and happy. But all of a sudden, while I swept my eyes around the room getting used to my pupils for this class, I saw her. She was not happy. 





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