Am I Your Only Shawty?

Ariana Grande, the new girl in Saphire College, was excited to be attending the school of her dreams. When she meets Perrie Edwards, her roommate and future best friend, everything turns around. Ariana becam one of the most popular girls in college. But when her boyfriend she so dearly loved cheats on her, would she give him a second chance or leave?


2. Settling In

Ariana's POV:


When we finally got there, I got my bags out and went to search for my dorm. I walked to the directions on the map and made my way to my dorm. As soon as I walked through the door I could see a girl with white-blonde hair unpacking her suitcase.

"Hi," I spoke. She turned around and seemed pretty happy. "Hi! I'm Perrie," she smiled. "Hi Perrie, I'm Ariana, but you can call me Ari for short." I introduced. She smiled. "Nice to meet you Ari, so I assume you're my roommate?" she said looking at the suitcases then me. "Yes," I placed my suitcases down. She turned around and stared unpacking again. "Great! I'm hoping we can become really great friends," she said. "I'd love that," I say as I start to unpack my things as well.

After about an hour of unpacking and getting to know each other better, we decided to go out for some food. this was Perrie's second year here. I had finished my first year of college in Florida, but since my mom got transferred to London, I was forced to go with her.

Perrie and I left the dorm and went to search for some food.

At some point in our search for food, Perrie and me got seperated. I walked all over campus in search of her until I bumped into someone.


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