Bitten - Louis Tomlinson

Hi. My Name is ivy. My sisters Name is Elizabeth but I call her Lizzy and sometimes even Beth.I am a vampire and Lizzy is to. Me and and Louis have been dating for about 4 months - secretey. Ya see, me and Harry Styles have hated eachother since the day we were born. But luckily, Louis and Beth have always been there for me - well Lizzy has I just met Lou.


3. Save You.

Lizzie's P.O.V.

     I screamed as loud as  I possibly could. He was after me again. Not just anyone. Harry. Harry Styles.

Vampires have a scream that is so loud only other vamps can here because of our super hearing and senses like that.

I never knew why he chased me all the time. What did e want with me? I mean seriously, dude. Get a life.

     I ran and I tripped over the curb when I tried to run inside a store to hide. He extended his hand to grab my jacket, but I jumped of the curb and landed by an automatic door. He almost  got me. I ran through the automatic door and hid inside a circular clothes rack. He was pretending to shop while looking through the racks to find me. Then he saw me.

 Ivy's POV






Sorry for the short chapters. I promise they'll be longer next time. And sorry I haven't updated in like, forever!!! Kk thnx for reading bye.


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