Bitten - Louis Tomlinson

Hi. My Name is ivy. My sisters Name is Elizabeth but I call her Lizzy and sometimes even Beth.I am a vampire and Lizzy is to. Me and and Louis have been dating for about 4 months - secretey. Ya see, me and Harry Styles have hated eachother since the day we were born. But luckily, Louis and Beth have always been there for me - well Lizzy has I just met Lou.


2. I hear you.

Ivy's P.O.V.

      "So what do you wanna do Lou?" I asked Louis.

      "I don't know. Want to go for a walk?" He said.

       "Sure," I replied.I got up and got dressed into my blue        t-shirt with a heart on it and some jean shorts. Then me and Louis walked through the door to the house and walked out to the side walk.

     Lou said,"wanna go to the park?" I replied

     "Sure." And gave him a peck on the cheek.

     We walked to the park and sat down on a bench to take a break. For a minute we just sat there. Then he spoke up.

      "So what was up with you and Harry yesterday?" He said.

      "Well he got mad at me for saying something to his new girlfriend the other day and it kinda just went down hill from there," That's not at all what happened. It was all a big lie. I knew it would all come back to me later, but I don't like thinking about the future, since I won't die until the world ends.         I could tell." I  said.

Then after that we heard a scream. not just any scream,a blood curdling, spine tingling scream.

not just any scream. It was Lizzie's scream.


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