Bitten - Louis Tomlinson

Hi. My Name is ivy. My sisters Name is Elizabeth but I call her Lizzy and sometimes even Beth.I am a vampire and Lizzy is to. Me and and Louis have been dating for about 4 months - secretey. Ya see, me and Harry Styles have hated eachother since the day we were born. But luckily, Louis and Beth have always been there for me - well Lizzy has I just met Lou.


1. I Hate You

Ivy's P.O.V. 

     "JUST LEAVE ME ALONE ALREADY"! I shouted at him

     "No I won't. Not until I get her!" Harry said

     "No! You'll never take lizzy" I screamed.

     Harry came towards me and tried to punch me but I used my vampire speed to back up and then my fangs came out. That happens when I'm angry, sad, basically any time I'm not something remotely happy.

     "What are You?" He shouted

     "You won't live long enough to find out." I responded. I jumped towards him but Louis came up behind me and pulled me back.Then Harry got up and ran.

     "What was That for!" I screamed at Louis.

     "You were going to kill him!" he shouted.

     Then I just broke down in tears and cried into Louis' chest. He hugged me back. He left the room and said be would be in bed.

"I just want a normal life!" I shouted hoping someone would head my cry of agony, anyone, just keeping Lizzy safe. " AHHHHHHHHHHG!" I screamed throwing my hand which hit a picture frame and cracked. It was a picture of me, Harry, Louis, and Lizzy. It was taken before we knew Harry was crazy. i thougt. Good. Maybe I can do that to him next time.

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