One Way or Another


1. One Niall

I woke up. "Hello, Niall." I said and kissed him. I wish posters could talk. My dad walked in. "Exactly how late were you up last night?"
I froze. "Till 8, Daddy. Normal."
"I don't think so. I could hear your TV blaring and you texting till 1 AM."
He came over and stepped on my foot.
"This isn't a joke, Ally. How long are you allowed to stay up?"
I didn't answer. He kicked me in the leg.
"N-nine o'clock…"
He looked satisfied with his work. "You're grounded. For a week."
"But Daddy-"
"2 weeks."
"3 weeks."
I sighed. I wouldn't say anything more. I didn't want to be grounded for a month. But I woudn't be talking to him any more.
I grabbed all of the cash I had and maybe 30 dollars from my dad, some food, and clothing. I wrapped it in some blankets and tucked in a pillow. I put this all in my backpack and dashed out the door.
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