One Way or Another


3. New Place

"It's not like we don't want her here, Niall. No need to get angry." Said Louis. He gave Niall a doughnut, somewhat calming him down. "So, why are you here? With Niall?" Asked Liam. "Oh," I said. "My Dad abused me so I ran away. I was sleeping in a field when Niall found me." 


"Oh..." Liam said quietly. "Sorry." 

"So, are you staying with us?" Asked Zayne. "Uh, yes, she will be staying with us." Niall replied. "O.K." Harry said. "But we only have 5 bedrooms... But Niall has a fold-out couch."  

"That sounds ok." I replied.  I walk up to Niall's room and set down my bag. Niall walked in. "We're going to the mall, wanna come?"


"OK." I grabbed some money out of my bag. "You don't have to use your money." Niall said. "I have enough money to buy the world." I smiled. "Thanks..." 

~At the Mall~ 

I walked into Macy's to the jewelry section. Niall followed. "You really don't have to follow me, you can go buy your things. I'll be looking at girly stuff like clothes and whatever..." I said to Niall. "I don't mind." Niall said sweetly.  

I started looking at jewelry. I picked up a necklace and held it on my neck to show what it would look like. "Good?" I asked. "Amazing..." Niall said, sort of in a daze. 

Niall's P.O.V.

She's so beautiful.... But I can't ask her out now. We've only been with each other for like... 8 hours. Is that weird? It felt like 6 minutes with her. 

She tried on a bunch of clothing, each made no difference to her appearance to me. But I had to control my self. I usually kept myself in track, saying things like "It's cool," Or "You should definitely buy it." A few times I may have looked like I was in a daze, though. Eek. I hope she doesn't notice. 

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