1. Close to Nothing *Finished*

Maisey-- the "weakling". The quiet one. The one everyone leaves out. The one no one understands. The one often called "loner" or "wimp". The one that does all that she can to understand others, but just can't. The one that finally meets the guy of her dreams, but there's no way he'll ever be into her.
Maisey... The one who has close to nothing to live for. But only one person can change that. But first, he'll have to notice her. Or maybe... she'll have to notice HIM.

(Warning: some scenes that may not be appropriate for readers younger than 13-15 years old. Reader discretion advised.)


12. Silence

Harry's POV

Maisey didn't talk to me the next two days and nights. Eleanor and the other girls explained that she just needed some space, but it was killing me not being able to talk to her. I'd been getting loads of Twitter hate from outraged fans, which I shook off effortlessly-- given the situation at hand. Don't get me wrong, I got some very supportive fans messages telling me that they'll ship us no matter what, and that they're looking forward to it. I felt horrible for somewhat thrusting Maisey into the spotlight like this. 

I paced down the hall of the hotel in Miami, rubbing my lower lip nervously. 

"Haz, you're going to get an ulcer," Louis peeled an orange at his perch against the wall. "Just give it time."

"No," I croaked. "I-I-I have to talk to her."

Her door peered open slightly, Eleanor poked a head out, glancing around, then retracting back into the room with a shake of her head. I heard talking at the door and decided to eavesdrop.

"Maisey, he's dying out there," Eleanor cried.

"He'll live," she replied coldly.

"All I'm asking is that you please just talk to him," El practically begged her.

There was silence for a few moments and light footsteps.

"I don't feel like talking," Maisey finally answered. I sighed quietly, moving away from the door in disappointment. 

"I just don't know what to do," I sunk to a squat next to Louis. He offered me a slice of orange.

"Time," he said, then popped a sliver into his mouth. "Women are confusing. What do you say we have a guys night? Just me, you, and the guys?"

"Sounds good," I admitted, then reluctantly left her door to get dressed into something better.


We all met at a bar downtown called Chesters. There were fans gathered there, and it automatically  made me nervous. I stepped a little closer to the guys, clenching my jaw. I swear to God that if any of those girls confront me about Maisey, I'll freak. 

We walked as quiet as possible to the dark entrance around the back of the small stone building placed on the street corner. The entrance ended up leading to the kitchen--  the kitchen staff staring at us blankly, but letting us pass. Zayn snickered as we were let in without them even checking our ages. 

"I need a drink," Niall groaned. 

"Don't overdo it, mate," Liam warned.

"Come on, Liam!" Louis whined. "Let loose!"

We all ruffled his hair playfully, placing our orders to the bartender: a rather revealing blonde with big red lips and makeup-caked blue eyes. She flirtatiously poured our drinks, leaning extra low to expose her front. Zayn directed his eyes away reluctantly, whistling. 

I guess I just didn't feel like drinking. The thought of Maisey being mad at me lingered in my mind, tearing at my insides. To make it even worse, there was absolutely nothing I could do about it except force myself upon her, which I totally wouldn't do. Louis noticed my sullenness and leaned over to me with his drink in hand.

"Harry, I know it's bothering you," he said lowly. "But you really need to take a break."

"From Maisey?" I widened my eyes.

"Not necessarily," he raised his hand a little to avoid my explosion. "But two can play at this game."

"What do you mean?"

"She's playing hard to get, that's all," he pointed out. As I thought about it, I realized it was true... I swallowed, staring down at the table.

"So what should I do?"

"Play harder to get," he replied, grinning sinisterly. I have to admit, I felt really wrong for even trying at it, but Louis was right. I finally took a swig of my drink by the time Niall and Zayn had finished theirs. As soon as I started, I just couldn't stop myself from continuing on. Louis cheered me on as I drank a pint, then a second. The rest just became a blur until I had just plain drank my thoughts away. I felt so carefree-- a feeling I had prevented myself from feeling since the first 'official' date with Maisey, when I had promised to behave. I missed that feeling. 

"You should slow down," I heard Louis say to me. I tried to speak, but no words came out... only slurred sounds.


"Harry," Louis said again, gripping my shoulder. I doubled over, vomiting on the floor. "Time to go home." 


The whole drive home, Niall leaned against me. I guess he, too, was drunk. 

"Louuu, yyyyourrrr mmmakin a mmmistakkkke," I told him, slapping the window of his car in confusion. 

Zayn, Liam, and Louis laughed at me as I attempted to talk the rest of the ride home.

Louis' POV

I immediately took Harry to his hotel suite, noticing Maisey wasn't there I automatically assumed Eleanor was hanging out with her somewhere. Harry had vomit lining the collar of his shirt, staining down the front. 

I attempted to leave as I directed him towards the bed, but he pulled me back, flopping onto the bed.

"Stay," he managed.

"Okay," I said, confused. 

I uncomfortably sat at the edge of the bed, twiddling my thumbs as Harry lay there. He began to take of his shirt, then his pants.

"Harry?" I stood. "What are you doing?" He stopped, lifting his head, shrugging.

"Nobody has to know," he said. He was still very drunk. 

"Harry, no," I pushed him away as he thrust himself at me. He looked hurt, sitting back against the pillows.

"Why?" he pressured me. 

"Because I'm straight, that's why," I clucked my tongue. "And you have a girlfriend."

"Shhhh," he slurred, putting a finger to my lips. 

"You're drunk," I told him, pushing him away again. I stood up, but by the time I had reached the door, Harry was naked...

"Louis," he struggled to walk at me. I turned slowly, not knowing what to expect. "Look."

"Wh--," as soon as I turned, Harry planted a fat kiss right on my mouth, making me sputter. "HARRY!?"

"Shhhh," he put a finger to my lips, closing his eyes, then falling to the floor-- passed out. I was too horrified to do anything and ran out as soon as I could down the hall to my suite.

"Lou, what's gotten into you?" Eleanor asked as I slammed the door shut. I was just about to tell her everything when I remembered that Maisey was in the room. She nervously stood from a recliner, wearing an oversized t-shirt; her hair down. I stopped myself from spilling what had just happened for Harry's sake. 

"Nothing," I shook my head, making my way over to Eleanor and kissing her deeply. I had to get the taste of Harry out of my mouth some way... I could see Maisey standing there from the corner of my eye, her gaze falling to the floor in sorrow.  I pulled away, wrapping an arm around Eleanor's waist.

"Are you all-right?" I asked. She nodded slowly, pursing her lips. 


"You're welcome to stay the night," Eleanor offered. "There's a pullout couch in the living room area."

"Thanks, Ell," Maisey gave her a hug and went to lay down on the couch.

"Anytime, love," Eleanor grinned, then turned to me. "What happened?" she whispered through gritted teeth. 

"It was nothing," I insisted, kissing her again, then leading her off to the bedroom. If anyone were to know, Harry's reputation would be ruined--forever.


(A/N: What do ya'll think about this chapter? Let me know in the comments...(: I thought I should include some 'Larry' drama in there for all of you Larry shippers! <3)

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