1. Close to Nothing *Finished*

Maisey-- the "weakling". The quiet one. The one everyone leaves out. The one no one understands. The one often called "loner" or "wimp". The one that does all that she can to understand others, but just can't. The one that finally meets the guy of her dreams, but there's no way he'll ever be into her.
Maisey... The one who has close to nothing to live for. But only one person can change that. But first, he'll have to notice her. Or maybe... she'll have to notice HIM.

(Warning: some scenes that may not be appropriate for readers younger than 13-15 years old. Reader discretion advised.)


14. Old News

Harry's POV

"Harry," Maisey shrieked. "Harry, she's here!" There was sheer terror in her voice as I found Maisey in the crowd of people. Her blue-green eyes were flooded with horror as she stopped in her tracks, crumpling to the ground in an instant. A sinister figure stood behind her, hand outstretched; holding a dagger soaked in blood. 

"You," I sneered, sprinting at her with my palms reaching at her. She let out a laugh as my hands enclosed around her throat-- but touched nothing. In a mad rage, I did all that I could to attack her, but my hands kept flying past her. 

"Give it up, Styles," she smirked. "I win." And with that, my eyes shot open.


"Harry, what were you dreaming about?" Maisey lay next to me on the bed, head propped up by her fist. She had a goofy smile on her face. "There were a lot of angry expressions on your face, so I'm guessing it was something bad."

"Very funny," I sat up, running a hand through my hair. "It was Elizabeth."

"Ahh," she raised an eyebrow. "What happened?"

"Er," I hesitated. "She killed you."

"Oh, well that's just..." she thought for a moment. "appetizing?"

"It was the scariest thing ever," I frowned.

"You kept on trying to grab me, but your hands completely missed every time," she said blankly, then busted out in laughter. Well that explained the ending of my dream...

"Let's have breakfast," I changed the subject.


The rest of the day, I couldn't get my mind off of the dream. Just seeing the look of terror in Maisey's eyes made me so depressed. It made me feel a little bit better when I was around Maisey, though. We went out shopping with Louis and Eleanor in town. 

"It was just so realistic," I explained to Louis. Something was off with him, too. 

"That's weird," he replied simply. 

"Are you all-right, mate?" 

"Well, Harry," he swallowed, keeping his eyes off me. "There's something you should know."

I clenched my jaw and furrowed my brow, "What?"

"Well, last night when we went to the club, you got really drunk and, um..." he hesitated. "The boys and I brought you back to the hotel; I took you to your room. And then when I tried to leave, you er... You kissed me."

"Louis, that's ridiculous," I laughed. But by the look in his eyes, I could tell he was telling truth.

"I suggest not telling Maisey about it," he offered. "For your safety." I nodded, biting the inside of my cheek. I glanced at Maisey who was joking with Eleanor and laughing. I felt even worse; obviously Louis was distraught. I caught up with Maisey, wrapping an arm around her waist. The click of paparazzi's cameras went off, along with many flashes. 

"Harry! Harry!" they called. I struggled to control myself. "How long were you and Maisey together before you got her pregnant?"

"Is it a girl or a boy?"

"Do you feel like your prepared to be a father at only 19?"

"Do you regret anything in your relationship with Maisey?" I felt like exploding at them, right then and there. Luckily, Maisey saw my predicament, and quickly stepped in.

"I'm right here, you know," Maisey laughed, waving a hand at the paparazzi, who oh'd and ah'd over her pregnant belly.

"Turn this way, Maisey!" one called, gesturing. She posed with a silly grin on her face, puckering her lips into a 'fish face' as the photographer snapped a shot, then looked down at his camera.

"You're a natural," he told her as others tried to get her to pose for them. She smirked a little, staring at me with flirty eyes. 

"How do you look so good while pregnant?" Eleanor pretended to hold a mic to Maisey's mouth. 

"Well," Maisey said in a sassy voice. "I do five hundred jumping jacks, then a hundred squats, then go for a ten mile run... But I do five reps." She brushed her shoulder with a sarcastic shrug. The paparazzi laughed, continuing to snap photos.

"Oh, but, Maisey," a girl about my age asked with a sneer. She wasn't holding a camera or mic, or anything. "How do you manage to be such a fake?" I saw Maisey clench a fist at her side, her face growing grim. My gaze focused in on the source of the question. Her blue eyes were ice cold; sculpted eyebrows quirked. I stepped to Maisey's side, grasping her hand. Elizabeth.

"You must've been really knocked up to get pregnant within-- what was it-- a couple weeks of dating?" she removed herself from the crowd, advancing towards us. 

"Elizabeth, we don't want trouble," I said firmly, pushing Maisey behind me. "I suggest you leave."

"Maisey never answered my question," she folded her arms, slightly puckering her red lips. "How do you manage to be so fake, Maisey? Because really, I'd love to know. That way I can pick up hot guys just to get pregnant. What shall we call it? The 'Maisey Method', eh?" Maisey let out a low rumble from her throat, grabbing a fistful of my shirt in her hand.

"Maisey," I whispered, shaking my head as she attempted to get around me.

"Really," she clenched her jaw. "I want to answer her." I reluctantly let her go, watching her intently. Eleanor let out a whimper from behind Louis, peeking around his neck. Maisey stepped forward, standing face-to-face to Elizabeth. The paparazzi held their cameras at-the-ready, fingers on the shutter. 

"Firstly," Maisey began. "Your definition of 'fake' must be different from mine. Last time I checked, someone who's fake is a person who tries to be someone she's not. In case you didn't notice, I've always been Maisey-- the quiet one who stands in the shadows; people used to love me for it. That's until you spread dirty rumours because you wanted the guy that loved me. You pretended to be innocent: fake. You told people that you and my boyfriend at the time were 'casually dating': fake. You told everyone that I was sleeping around and being immoral just because you knew me-- and you knew I wouldn't fight back: fake. You took advantage of me... because you knew I would never take advantage of you: fake.

"And secondly, don't you remember the times when we were best friends? We used to promise eachother that we'd be together forever. Remember when we used to plan our weddings and do those stupid 'Predict your Future' games? You ruined all of that. I'd always been there for you... even when my boyfriend rejected you after you made me break up with him. Whenever you came to me, I never turned you away. Because I was the only one who truly cared. 

"And to be honest, I'll pray for you, because once you've taken advantage of everyone else you claim to be your 'friends', there will be no one left to turn to. I hope you realize what you're getting yourself into, because this time, I'm not getting you out. 

"That's the first thing I'm going to teach my child: respect for others. 'Cause clearly, you have none of it. All that matters to you is popularity and being at the top of the high-school food chain. You don't love any of these guys you claim... You just want them to love you. I'll pray for you on that note, too, because I just hope for you to find someone who truly understands you and your horrible habits. 

"All I'm asking of you is that you think before you act. I may be easy to pick on, but I'm not easy to break. Look at yourself. You're a beautiful, talented girl with loads of real potential that you just push aside. You use your popularity to get to people. Next time, think about it... Before you judge someone, make sure you're perfect; as soon as you point the finger, there're three fingers pointing back at you. Before you point the finger, make sure your hands are clean."

Maisey finally stepped back, after her huge speech. Elizabeth was standing, utterly dumbstruck, with her arms crossed.

"Have a good life, Elizabeth," Maisey popped the collar of her shirt in a hilarious way. "Because you're officially excluded from mine." With that, she grabbed my hand, leading me off, along with Louis and Eleanor. 

"That was..." I shook my head with disbelief, a silly smile growing on my face.

"Freaking awesome!" Louis completed. Maisey gave us a dimpled half-smile, shrugging.

"It was all the truth," she said. "All things I'd always wanted to say; I finally felt strong enough to say them."

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