1. Close to Nothing *Finished*

Maisey-- the "weakling". The quiet one. The one everyone leaves out. The one no one understands. The one often called "loner" or "wimp". The one that does all that she can to understand others, but just can't. The one that finally meets the guy of her dreams, but there's no way he'll ever be into her.
Maisey... The one who has close to nothing to live for. But only one person can change that. But first, he'll have to notice her. Or maybe... she'll have to notice HIM.

(Warning: some scenes that may not be appropriate for readers younger than 13-15 years old. Reader discretion advised.)


19. Note from KBeau







(A/N: So, here, my beautiful fans, Close to Nothing comes to an end. I know you're probably thinking: "What the heck! What happened?!"

Don't worry! The sequel will be coming out soon. I've been working at it at the same time as Close to Nothing. I hope you enjoyed reading!

I appreciate all of ya'll's support, favorites, likes, comments, fanning, etc! It really means a lot! I am also writing a new series called "The Runner", so check that one out whilst I work on the sequel to Close to Nothing. 


Thanks again,

KBeau <3

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