1. Close to Nothing *Finished*

Maisey-- the "weakling". The quiet one. The one everyone leaves out. The one no one understands. The one often called "loner" or "wimp". The one that does all that she can to understand others, but just can't. The one that finally meets the guy of her dreams, but there's no way he'll ever be into her.
Maisey... The one who has close to nothing to live for. But only one person can change that. But first, he'll have to notice her. Or maybe... she'll have to notice HIM.

(Warning: some scenes that may not be appropriate for readers younger than 13-15 years old. Reader discretion advised.)


10. Growing (WARNING 13+)

Maisey's POV

The first destination was Miami, Florida. I gazed out the hotel terrace at the aqua tide that lapped at the white crystalline sand. I wished I could go for a swim, but the boys were almost ready to go to the concert. I leaned up against the terrace rail, letting the sea breeze tousle my auburn hair, breathing in the smell of salt and fruit trees. Arms wrapped around me from behind, making my body grow warm with comfort.

"Hey, beautiful," Harry murmured, planting a kiss at the nape of my neck. His curls tickled my shoulder as the breeze ruined its once neat style. I hummed a song softly as he continued his kissing, his teeth grazing my collarbone. My bum was pressed firmly against his front, a lump protruding from his jeans. I giggled as he continued to kiss me, leading up to my cheek and then my lips. 

"Control yourself, Styles," I mused.

"I can't," he smirked, hugging my waist. His large hand ran up my shirt, palming my belly that now had grown a bit. His fingertips sent chills down my body as they stroked the sensitive skin on my stomach. "I want you." he growled playfully.

"Harry, not now," I groaned. The pregnancy hormones were really getting to me. I didn't have much energy for intimacy, but managed it whenever he absolutely wouldn't take no for an answer. 

"Please," he pleaded, pinching my belly. "Just for a short while." He whispered, his hot breath caressing my neck.

"Fine," I turned to face him. "For good luck?" I chuckled, making my way into the room. He nodded, an expectant smile on his lips.

He lay me on the bed, pulling his jeans down quickly. I slid off my pants, along with my knickers. As he hovered over me, I gripped the duvet-- pent-up anxiety filling me. He entered slowly, emitting a low moan; closing his crystal eyes. I didn't feel as much pain as I use to; it was more pleasure. I arched my back as his pelvis rocked into my bum, pressing further. 

"Harry," I murmured, breathing deeply. 

"Mmm," he hummed, picking up pace. He turned me onto my hands and knees, entering once again. This time, he pressed in with harder thrusts, producing an immense amount of pleasure. I couldn't help but emit a small scream of excitement as he rocked harder, his hands gripping my hips.

"Maisey," he moaned, his voice strained. For an expected quick moment, it was one of the most pleasurable experiences I'd had while being intimate. 

As he climaxed, the pace picked up until he finally was finished, breathing heavily as he plopped next to me on the bed. 

"You're too perfect," he whispered, lolling his head to face mine. I smiled, folding my hands on my belly as I stared at the ceiling. The baby was going to change everything so drastically-- I almost felt like I would be a different person one he or she was born. Stop, Maisey. Snap out of it. You'll be a great mother.

"We better get going," he murmured, kissing my nose. "My stylist, Lou, wants to meet you."



We drove a few miles to the event center where the concert was taking place. We met up with a friendly blonde woman and a darling toddler with bright blonde pig tails sticking up from either side of her head. I couldn't help but laugh at the adorable child's popularity with the other boys, who fought over who would get to hold her next. I wondered if it'd be like that when our child was born.

"Hello, I'm Lou Teasdale," she gave me a hug. "Harry's told me so much about you." she said brightly, smiling.

"Maisey," I introduced myself. "And who's this?" I gestured to the toddler the boys were fussing over.

"Oh, that's baby Lux," she said proudly, grinning. "She's mine."

"She's beautiful,"

"Thank you. Harry told me about the baby," she widened her eyes a little. "Her and Lux will be great friends!"

"Oh, we don't know the gender yet," I buffered.

"But Harry always calls it 'she' or 'her'," Lou confessed. I glanced over at Harry with a furrowed brow. He shrugged with a cheeky smile.

"We'll see," I laughed. Lou got right to doing Harry's makeup and fixing his tousled hair. He kept on gazing off at me as Lou applied concealer and gelled his hair. 

"Stay still, Harry," she giggled. "You'll get to see her in a second, I promise."

"Mmm," he said simply. 

Lux toddled over to me, reaching at me with her small, pudgy hands, "Up." she said in a high voice. I reached down, scooping her up in my lap. I'd never even held a baby or a child before... But I liked the feeling of it. She messed with a strand of my hair, entwining it in her small fingers. She then looked up at me, her eyes melting my heart. Her beauty was unbearable, and for once, I wanted a child of my own. One of her soft hands was placed on my cheek, pinching it a little, but I didn't mind. I really began to wonder if my baby would be a girl or a boy. My heart tightened a little at the thought of seeing a small version of me being held in Harry's arms. I wanted to know-- pronto.

Harry walked over from makeup, sitting next to me on the floor, "Beautiful, isn't she?"

I nodded, smiling when Lux squealed abruptly, "Harry I want to know." I finally said.


"The gender," I took a breath. "I want to know."

A huge smile crept to his face, dimples protruding. He wrapped me in a hug, Lux between us, who slapped Harry's belly playfully and giving us a cheesy smile.

"I love you," I whispered, kissing him just before the stage directors called the boys on. He kissed his hand, blowing it to me. I reached out, 'catching' it and putting it to my heart. Harry glanced at me once more before they disappeared to come face-to-face to the crowd of thousands of fans.

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