Slave Auction

This is a re-make of the first Slave Auction about one Direction (:


2. The Auction Trash-talk

"I'm gonna get into that girls pants good" Harry said.

"I am gonna bid, save her" My crush Liam said.

"I am gonna get on her" Zayn said.

"I'm going for a middle girl" Niall said.

"Oh hey soon to be slut" Harry said to me, smirked, and I gave him the finger.

"What was that for!" He yelled back.

"Being a manwhore!" I yelled

"Ooooh looks like her pants aren't gonna be scattered in your house" Harry's group said.

"We will see about that" Harry said, smirking, walking into the bathroom.

"If anything, I will save her guys, but Harry has alot more money then me".

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