Slave Auction

This is a re-make of the first Slave Auction about one Direction (:


1. Beginner's Luck

"Smackdown!" I screamed, running off from Chelse.

"Come on Hannah, totally not fair! We have to come back inside, and your going to make me late!" She yelled at me, running in my direction.

"SO is fair! If IM late YOUR late!" I yelled back, gasping as I stop at my locker. 

"Really. You ran outside, gym, and then to your locker. Well, put your stuff back. Lunchtime" Chelse replied.

We ran towards lunch, and signed up for a fun activity called Slave Auction.

I didn't know what it was, but Chelse was a bit pushy. "I don't know, Hannah. Slave sounds wrong"

"whatever" I said turning around to see Louis behind me with his lunch.

"Gahhh!" I yelled, he fell. 

The bell rang.

"Let me help you" I insisted, ignoring whatever he said.

He gave a smirk.

"Thanks" He said in a rude tone.

"Sure hope he doesn't buy me".

     By the time I got home, I sent in a picture. My school picture- not dull- no makeup. Just showing normal be. Like I would be picked for 20, when I barely made friends here.

What Chelse didn't know- is I signed her up.



 Joanne came out.

"Okay girls- and senior boys. Here are the top 20! Uggliest to sexiest, no rude commenting okay?"

I buzzed out and 18, 19, 20.

"18 is Tressa"

"Yay!" I yelped covering my my mouth.

Tressa ran in.

"Did Im hear I won 18? Ha. That poor slut at the end. Bitch. Stole my god damn place"

She is my friend. Don't ask how, she just is.

"19 is Chelse"

"What?" Chelse said.

"And supposibly who Tressa called 'slut' is her own bestfriend, Hannah"

OOOOOOOOOH! Man, was I pissed. Calling me a slut.

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