Re-Entering the Wardrobe

"I looked up at the Two sons of Adam and the Two daughters of Eve. For I myself was like them. For I myself was a Daughter of Eve." This is Re-Entering the Wardrobe! A Narnia Fanfiction! Hope you like it!


5. Meeting the Pevensies

Peter's brother poked his head out from behind him.

"Hello..." he started.

"Hello, you must be Edmund." I put my hand out so we could shake hands.

"Yes, I am... How do you know me?" he asked.

"You and your siblings are very loud whisperers." I told him with a grin spreading accross my face. I peered out of the doorway and I saw an older girl appear at the end of the hallway, with a smaller girl in her grasp. Probably Susan and Lucy... Hmm, Lucy. That name sounds very familiar. "Hello." I called.

"Hello!" the younger one called back. "I'm Lucy." she introduced herself as she shook my hand. "Hey, I remember you!" Lucy said in realization.

"You do?" her siblings called out confused.

"Yes! I do! Don't you remember? She came to hide with us in the shelter once, with her friend. Her name's Molly!" she turned around to me and beamed from ear to ear.

"Ahhh.... I remember you four now. Peter, you still aren't answering properly aren't you?" I smirked.

"Uhhh... umm....." he stammered.

"Do you see what I mean?" I asked as I turned towards his siblings.

"Hello, I'm Susan." the older girl introduced herself.

"Hello Susan, I'm Molly." And so it went on like that until I was familiarized with all the Pevensie children. "You have probably been here longer than I have, will you show me around?" I asked.

"Of course!" Lucy squealed with delight as she seized me by the hand and we went running out of the room, followed by her siblings. A couple of minutes later, we arrived at a doorway, to a spare room. Why are we here? I wondered.

"Would you mind if I showed you something a little strange?" Lucy asked me after we lost her siblings, from running around the house.

"The stranger the better!" I replied.

"Come, into the spare room." She motioned and I followed.

"What's this?" I asked as I poitned to the wooden wardrobe.

"I'm taking you to Narnia." Lucy said as a smile of satisfaction grew on her face.



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