Re-Entering the Wardrobe

"I looked up at the Two sons of Adam and the Two daughters of Eve. For I myself was like them. For I myself was a Daughter of Eve." This is Re-Entering the Wardrobe! A Narnia Fanfiction! Hope you like it!


6. I enter Narnia

Lucy held my hand tightly as we entered the room. She seemed really excited as she openned the door to the wardrobe. I felt a warm breeze come through. How odd is that? I asked myself in thought. We entered the wardrobe and started walking towards the back.

"Lucy we're going to hit the end of the wardrobe!" I cried as we neared the end. Then, I felt something prickly touch my arm. It felt like an evergreen tree. Lucy and I emerged into a valley. I gasped in amazement.

"Welcome to Narnia!" she told me in delight, as she ran off.

"Lucy! Lucy, wait for me!" I called out from behind her. I followed her until we got to an old lamp post.

"This is Lantern Waste." Lucy told me.

"My Queen! You have finally come again at last!" Someone or something said with a tone of joyfulness in its voice.

"What's all this?" I asked her, bemused.

"Oh, this is just one of the Talking Beasts of Narnia." Lucy told me as if it were completely normal for someone to start talking to an animal.

"Hello there," I said.

"Hello My Lady," It started, as it came out I could see it was a beaver.

"My Lady? I'm not of royal birth! You must be confused." I told it.

"Queen Lucy, would you like me to explain. It would be a great and royal honour to do so." the beaver said.

"It's alright, Mr. Beaver. Why are you so far from your dam?" Lucy asked as she sat down on the grass. Mr. Beaver said somethings that I couldn't hear.  She got up and we started walking again.

"So, what's with all of this royalty naming?" I asked her.

"It's been two weeks our time, sixty years Narnian time since I was last here. Peter, Susan, Edmund and I were here. We were in a grand and treacherous battle. It was against the former "Queen of Narnia". She was actually a witch and she made it snow all the time, and with no Christmas!"

"That's horrible." I told Lucy.

"It was. I met Mr. Tumnus and he helped me, until Susan and Peter found Narnia. Then we defeated the White Witch, with the help of a lot of other Talking Beasts and Centaurs and Griffins, and of course Mr. Beaver." The old beaver looked up wearingly at her as the three of us walked. Lucy turned towards a tree.

"Send word to Cair Paravel that I am here. Tell them that we have a guest." Lucy motioned to me. Another warm breeze passed us, and within a couple minutes, a carriage came pulled by two wonderful horses.

"Hello, again!" Lucy greeted the horses. "Molly, this was Peter's horse," she motioned to the horse on her right. "and this is Susan's horse." she motioned to the one on her left. "Where's Kara and Philip?" Lucy asked the horses.

"They have gone off to see Alsan's country." Peter's horse whinnied.

"Who?" I inquired.

"My horse and Edmund's horse." Lucy whispered.

"They left as soon as you went back to your own world." Susan's horse neighed. We carefully got onto the carriage and said goodbye to Mr. Beaver.

"We are now heading to Cair Paravel." Lucy told me as we sat in the carriage. I was stunned with what I had seen already. Frankly, I was quite bewildered to see what the near future had instore for us.

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