Re-Entering the Wardrobe

"I looked up at the Two sons of Adam and the Two daughters of Eve. For I myself was like them. For I myself was a Daughter of Eve." This is Re-Entering the Wardrobe! A Narnia Fanfiction! Hope you like it!


7. Cair Paravel

Cair Paravel was a gigantic palace. Take the largest castle in the world and multiply that by at least three or even four. Lucy and I set foot out of the carriage and we walked towards the giant castle looming infront of us. Lucy had told me on the carriage ride here that I would be overwhelmed by it. Golly, she was right! We walked up the front steps and entered. I was enchanted by what was happening. Was I imagining something or were we about to walk into a wall. Lucy walked through first and I followed her, since she was a queen. I gripped Lucy's hand, which seems weird since I am older than she is by quite a few years. As soon as I walked through the "wall", Lucy and I were standing in the basement of the Professor's house.

"What are we doing here? I thought we weren't supposed to be here!" I whispered to Lucy.

"I know! I don't think it was your time to go to Narnia yet." Lucy whispered back. "How do we get upstairs without anyone seeing us!?" she ran up the stairs and tried to turn the door handle. "Its locked!!"

"While I was looking at the house from the outside, I saw that there was an open window near this side of the house." I instructed Lucy. The two of us split up as we searched the basement for the open window. After a couple of minutes I heard Lucy whisper harshly.

"I found it! Molly! I found it!!" I set up a couple of stepping blocks for Lucy and I. After we crawled out, we ran straight back inside.



"Where have you two been!?" Susan asked completely horrified.

"Narnia." Lucy and I answered at the same time and then laughed. "Lucy and I ran around the house until we lost you, and then we went through the Wardrobe." I continued. " It was... magical." That seemed to calm down everyone. "If you don't mind me asking, what was the true story of the battle that Lucy told me about?"

Peter looked at Susan, and she looked at Edmund, who glanced at Peter. Peter nodded his head at Lucy and she seemed to get excited.

"So, this is how it happened..." Peter began.

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