Re-Entering the Wardrobe

"I looked up at the Two sons of Adam and the Two daughters of Eve. For I myself was like them. For I myself was a Daughter of Eve." This is Re-Entering the Wardrobe! A Narnia Fanfiction! Hope you like it!


2. Bombing (1940)

I walked quickly through the neighbour hood's square. I wasn't sure when the next bomb raiding was going to come, but we had to be ready. I lived in one of the home made shelters. My house was destroyed. My belongings that are in my trunk are the belongings I either savaged, or packed beforehand. It was a nice evening, for a completely demolished section of London. I kicked a piece of rubble and as if it were, the sirens wailed on cue. My head snapped up. People were running of fear in the streets, trying to get to the nearest shelter.

I bolted back the way I had come and ran for a pile of rubble. Underneath was a bomb-shelter. Also, Its where I kept my trunk. My two friends and I risked our lives to save any of the awol children in the streets. There were a specific number of people who came everytime. They were lost children. Aggie, Michael, Daniel, Sophia, Nellie and John were their names. John was nine, Daniel and Sophia were seven, Michael was six, Nellie- five, and little Agatha ( Aggie for short) was four.

As I got back, I did a head count of the people who showed up. My friends were there making sure we had enough blankets for everyone. I counted the awol children. There was Michael, Sophia, John, Daniel and Nellie. Where's Aggie?

"Millecent! Where's Aggie!?!" I cried out in fustration.

"She hasn't arrived yet!" Millie - or Millecent, called back.

"We have to go and look!" Emalie screamed over the whistling of bombs. With that, I ran out of the shelter, clutching my lion pendant. I scanned the grounds in fear and started running towards a little child who's silhouette looked awfully familiar to Aggie's.

"Aggie!" I screamed. There was an explosion and then a scream. It  W A S Aggie there. "AGGIE!" I screamed again. She ran towards me. In one swift motion, I picked her up and started running. I saw another bomb land and the building exploded. I was absolutely terrified. The building collapsed and sealed the entrance to the shelter. I immediately ran across the street and into a backyard. I pounded on the doors to the shelter. They didn't open. I ran to the next shelter and pounded on the doors. Still no answer. I went through that at least a couple of times before I found a shelter where they let us in.

"Oh, my dear," the lady started. "Do come in." She hurried Aggie and I into the shelter. Her four children were there too. I managed to keep my gaze only on the lady who was helping us. "Dear, dear." she muttered to herself. Aggie huddled closely to me. She was scared, and I knew it. She didn't like strangers. Poor Agatha had seen too much for her little brain to process. See, she's a French Jew. Her parents were taken away and sent to the concentration camps. I was the only one in our group of friends that found her, that could speak another language. Thankfully it was French. I started whispering to Aggie.

"C'est d'accord. C'est d'accord." It's alright. It's alright. I told Aggie in a soothing voice.

"Je sais, mais je suis peur."  I know, but I'm scared. Aggie told me. "Pourquoi ils ont choisi Londres pour attaquer?" How come they chose London to attack?

"Je ne sais pourquoi, mais tous c'est d'accord maintenant. Nous ils trouvons et se fera d'accord. " I don't know why, but after everything will be okay. We'll find our friends and everything will be fine. I told Aggie as she started to cry a little. The older boy and girl were staring at me. The boy looked astonished, as if he'd just seen a way to make the war end, and the girl had a soft expression on her face. As if she was feeling sympathetic. The lady went to check outside and see if it was safe for us to go.

"Do. You. Speak. English?" the boy asked me slowly, pronouncing every word with caution.

"Of course I do! Rude o' you to think not so!" I told him in a matter-of-fact tone. "She doesn't speak English, that's why." I motioned to Aggie.

"Oh...." the boy muttered. I thought it was hilarious. The younger girl came up to us.

"Hi, I'm Lucy. Who are you?" she asked me.

"Hello Lucy. I'm Molly. Pleased to meet you." I told her. I turned to her older brother. "At least your sister has the DECENCY to introduce herslef." He turned red as a tomato.

"The bombs have stopped." the lady said coming back in. "What a raid."

"Thank you Miss." I told her as I curtsied and walked out of the bomb shelter. I looked around. The block was sort of demolished, but not as bad as our area. I walked towards the street, and took off in a sprint with Aggie in my arms. We got to the shelter and I stopped dead in my tracks. The shelter was covered in stone, bricks and debris that had come down during the raid.

"Millicent?!" I called frantically pulling the rubble away from the entrance.

"Emalie?!" I called out my other friends name. I pushed a giant rock away from the entrance and I found the door handles. From there, I started to clear debris and other smaller rocks from the doorway. After about an hour and a half, the door was cleared enough to open. I pounded on the door. I heard a bunch of locks being openned. I almost cried in relief.

"MOLLY?!?!?" Millie and Emalie cried out together. They started pounding on the door, and I realised that it was stuck. I kicked it once. Nothing happened. I kicked it again, and nothing happened. I got one of the rocks and pounded on the doors. Around fifteen minutes later, it finally gave way and all of the children safely got out. I saw my friends, and I almost started to bawl. We hugged and sank down to our knees. We were the only family eachother had left. Just the thought of losing them was completely and utterly unbearable.

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