Mind of a Human. Body of a Robot.

The year is 2074, and computers have developed far beyond what we know at the moment. This year the first was created. An experiment of Artificial Intelligence. A computer capable of memories, decisions and taking out orders. A robotic humanoid.


1. Reboot.

I opened my eyes, but was blinded by a spotlight, shining in my pupils.
"...Connections, functional. Reactions, normal," a voice of inhuman tone droned. I blank heavily, adjusting. I analysed what was in vision. Where am I? A white squared tiled ceiling is all there was to see. I turned my arm muscles, nothing. A pressure had me held back, I was tied down. My head was in some sort of containment, a transparent box. I could only tell by the faint outlines. I couldn't smell anything. Nothing. What was going on? I began to pull at the confinements that held me to this unbarred prison. Questions shot around my head, like bullets. Each question tearing a hole in my memory, trying to remember what the answer is. One question pierce my mind more than any of the others. Who am I?

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