about the dismantle of Warsaw's Ghetto and the Uprising.

some stories mentioned in "To Outwit God" by Hanna Krall


1. Heroizm

what is heroism to us

not what it used to be in the past

that's good, we can take a deep breath

'cause we don't need to worry about the rest


is it to give the unknown child your last portion of cyanide

in the middle of burning hell- Warsaw's Ghetto.

a chance of a peaceful death gave away

and what is left for you is to burn to death


or to wrap a baby in a pillow

so it would hurt less

when head splashes on the ground

one woman said


is it to hide Jews under your roof

risking your loved ones' lives

and finally making them pay the price


is it to make decisions

like whether to buy few guns,

the only ones that you'll ever have

or to buy someone few months of being alive

a chance to be loved, to get married, to give birth


is it the attitude to die fighting

screaming till you're heard

to make them understand

to never repeat history again


it is

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