Hard Life 14+

(1D not included)
There is always that girl who sits in the back of class. who does self-harm, and gets bullied. well that girl is Jessica. basically the story is about Jessica's life and how she handles it. note: this story has some mature content.


9. Chapter 9

Jessica's POV: my mind went completely blank, no thoughts no nothing. before I could even

think or speak I heard another gunshot. I felt this huge pain on my side and screamed at the pain.

I tried putting pressure on my side with my hand but it made it even wrose. my mind caught up

with reality and there were sirens and Steven was lying on the ground bleeding from his head.

I looked at my hand and saw blood. I managed to crawl over to Steven and I slightly shook him and all

he did was scream. It went black and my head hit a hard surface and all I heard was sirens.

                                         ***AT THE HOSPITAL***

(still Jessica's POV)

where was I? all Im seeing is a bright light. was I dead? My eyes finally adjusted to the light and all I saw

was blank walls and constant beeping filled the room. I heard different noises from outside

and I got up and felt extremely dizzy and felt butterflies in my stomach. I walked over to the door and

opened it. a white hallway with a few rushing doctors here and there. I wonder where Steven is?

I felt like I was going to fall so I decided to go back to the bed. I laid my head back and tried to

remember what had happened.








A/N: sorry for the taking so long to make another chapter and sorry again for the short chapter.

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