Hard Life 14+

(1D not included)
There is always that girl who sits in the back of class. who does self-harm, and gets bullied. well that girl is Jessica. basically the story is about Jessica's life and how she handles it. note: this story has some mature content.


6. Chapter 6

Jessica's POV: we arrived at Stevens house and we both got out the car. I say "I remember this place"

he looks at me and says "yeah..my mom wonders about you sometimes" I nod than we walk in

his house. his mom was on the couch reading a book. she looked over her shoulder and got up.

she walked over to us and said "well hello. Steven who is this young girl?" he says "..mom..its Jessica"

she looks over at me and brings me in for a hug and says "my word..Jessica you've grown since ive last seen you"

I nod and put a piece of hair behind my ear and say "yeah..haven't seen you in a while" she smirks and says

"please stay for dinner. im making my special Lemon Chicken" I reply saying "are you sure? im probley going

to be in the way" well that's what my dad would always tell me. she says "Ovcourse not!" I nod my head and say

"ok I will stay for dinner" she smiles and walks in the kitchen to start making dinner. Steven says "well you wanna

go up to my room?" I say "um..ok" I follow him up the stairs and into his room. I stand by the doorframe

in till he says "don't be shy..make yourself at home" I wasn't really satisfied by his statement so I just sat on

the bed. he sits next to me and says "you look sad. what's wrong?" I shake my head no and say "nothing's wrong"

he scoots closer to me and says "are you sure?" I reply by saying "im sure" within that same second he says

"your lying to me!" and I say "no im not!" he looks in my eyes and says "than tell me..how's your dad been

treating you?" I feel a hot tear come down my face and say ".. he's been treating me horribly"

Steven looks at my face and says "he hit you didn't he?" I nod and his jaw tightens and relaxes. he says

"call me when he hits you again" I totally forgot about my cellphone. I say "..Ok" and leave it at that.

                              **2 hours later**

Steven just got threw teaching me how to play Black Ops. I got to admit..it was fun. he throws the remote down

and says "I cant believe you beat me 3 times!" I laugh and say "yeah you got beat by a girl!"

he throws a pillow at me and that begins our pillow fight. I throw one back at him and he throws one

back at me but misses and instead of hitting me he hits his lamp and it knocks over. I begin

to laugh and so does he. his mom yelled from downstairs "dinner's ready!" he smiles at me at me

and says "lets go and eat" I follow him downstairs and into the dinning room where the smell of

Chicken fills the room. I sit down and so did Steven.

           **After Dinner**

"well I better get heading home. and thank you for the great meal" I tell Stevens mom she says "No problem"

I get my stuff and start to head out the door in till Steven runs up to me and says "let me drive you home"

I say "my house is like only two blocks away and its a beautiful night" he says "than..i will walk you home"

I nod and we both head out the door. it was silent for a while in till steven says "I had fun with you"

I say "yeah me too. just like the old times" steven than says "speaking of the old times..when did your

dad start to you know..beat you?" I turn my head at him and sigh and begin saying "..well. remember that day

me and you were in the corner and I was crying because we just found out my mom died?" he

nodded and I continued "well.. When you left he started drinking like crazy..he came over to me and.."

I felt tears ready to explode "he..Raped me" Steven was quiet and was having a hard time

trying to spit out some words but eventually he said "go on'" and I said "he would always hit or slap me

or anything he could possibly think of to give me any sort of pain" Steven than asked me "How many times

did he rape you?" I just said "only once." a couple of tears went down my face and my stomach was filled

with butterflies. I didn't realize it but I was already at my house. I wiped my tears with my jacket sleeve

and said "bye steven" he gave me a hug and said "bye" I walked in my house and my dad

was furious and drinking beer. there were beer bottles everywhere.he yelled at me "where were you!?"

i stood there silent afraid of what he was going to do to me. he than said "seems that you need a punishment"

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