Hard Life 14+

(1D not included)
There is always that girl who sits in the back of class. who does self-harm, and gets bullied. well that girl is Jessica. basically the story is about Jessica's life and how she handles it. note: this story has some mature content.


4. Chapter 4

Jessica's POV: I was still in the art room with Steven. I replied saying "well what's the other reason?"

I stared at me and said "..im so sorry that you have to deal with all these horrible people"

I kept on staring at him. I saw a tear come down his face and he whispered "..Im so sorry Jessica..

and..I just stood there you know..i didn't do nothing to help you. I wasn't there for you like I promised!"

now I know where I recognized him from


(still Jessica's POV) I am 11 years old. im in the corner with Steven shedding tears like crazy.

my Dad is going crazy because he just found out my mom died. Steven is holding my hand tight.

he gets his index finger and lifts up my chin and says " I promise I will always protect you. no one will hurt you"

I nodded and said "thank you steven." **END OF FLASBACK**

Jessica's POV: I whispered "..I remember. I remember it all" he pulled me into a hug and said "im sorry"

I said 'you've already said that like 4 times" he wiped a tear and said " I know. I just wanted to make sure you knew

how sorry I was" it was silent  for a few seconds than the bell rang for end of school. he said "do you wanna come to my place?" I said "sure!" we both walked out the room and people kept pushing or shoving me..but Steven would stick up for me. Steven was 17 and he had a car. it was a red Mustang. I got in the passenger side and he got

in the drivers side. he put the key in the ignition and said "you ready?" I nodded than he started driving.

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