Hard Life 14+

(1D not included)
There is always that girl who sits in the back of class. who does self-harm, and gets bullied. well that girl is Jessica. basically the story is about Jessica's life and how she handles it. note: this story has some mature content.


3. Chapter 3

Jessica's POV: I heard faint noises of someone yelling my name. i opened my eyes and realized

i fell asleep last night. "Jessica!!" i got up and ran down the stairs and saw my dad he took a big

sip of his beer and said "..your late. now hurry up i dont want to see you" i ran up the stairs again

and searched in my closet for something to wear. i found this black shirt with the word Y.O.L.O

on it with some skinny jens and black converse. i slipped on my clothes and grabbed my bag and ran down the stairs.

when i got downstairs i saw this woman kissing my dad. it was getting real intense with them which

disgusted me alot. i tryed to ignore them and I opened the door and left to school.

                        **At School**

Jessica's POV: i opened up my locker and put some books in. than this boy came up

from behind me and said "Eww..the slut bag" i rolled my eyes and just ignored him he than said "so that doesnt bother you?" i nodded my head no. he turned me around and stuffed a note in my hand and walked off.

once he was outta sight i looked at the paper he gave me. it said Meet me in art class at 3:00pm .

i decided that I would go. i was just curious as if what he was going to tell me. i went into

chemistry and sat down. the teacher started talking and of course i didnt listen to him. i was day dreaming.

i finally got out of my trance when the bell rang. i grabbed all my stuff and went to my locker once more.

I grabbed my stuff for Math and went to my class room.

        **later on**

Jessica's POV: i realizd it was already 3:00pm so I started going to the art class. i finally go there

and went inside the classroom. it was dark and no one was in here. well it wasnt really dark but

not lighed either. finally i heard the door open and close. it was that boy who gave me the note to come

here. he extened out his arm towards me and said "..Hi..my name is Steven" i reaplied by saying

"My name is Jessica. and why did you tell me to come here?" he sighed and said "Im sorry"

and i looked at him confused and said "why?" he reaplied saying "What do you mean why?" i said

"well because its the truth right? i am a slutbag. i mean everyone calls me that so it must be true"

he said  'listen. its SO not true" than I said "than why did you tell me that?" he than said "Because...some of the presay cool guys dared me too" i stared at him for a moment and said ".....so you pretty much

told me to come here because you want to apologize to me for telling me something you didnt mean?"

he nodded and said "yes..but thats not the only reason why i told you to come here"

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