Hard Life 14+

(1D not included)
There is always that girl who sits in the back of class. who does self-harm, and gets bullied. well that girl is Jessica. basically the story is about Jessica's life and how she handles it. note: this story has some mature content.


2. Chapter 2


Jessica's POV: my dad slapped me real hard in the face and I fell to the floor. He kicked me and

said "get up you lazy ass!" I got up and my cheek felt soar. I looked at him and said " I-I Im sorry I didn't"

I got interrupted by him. he said "sorry for what!? for being stupid!? no. no. apology not excepted!" he stared

at my eyes. into my soul and said " go to your room. get outta my face!" I ran up the stairs and into my room. I slammed

the door behind me and fell on to my bed and cried. cried for hours. wanting to die. drown in my own tears.

                                                                      **earlier that day**

Jessica's POV: I was staring out of my window and into the clouded sky. it was December and it was snowing.

I was admiring every detail I would see. the people walking by, every snowflake that would fall on to my window.

even the silent sound of the wind blowing. I breathed in the air, and let it out. my relaxation mode was interrupted

by the shout from my dad yelling "Jessica get down here right now!" I sighed and opened my door and ran

down the stairs. I reached the bottom and was now standing in the living room. it was dark. only the

constant flashes of the T.V. my dad took a sip of his beer and beckoned me over to him with his index finger.

I walked over to him and said "yes sir?" he looked at me and shoved a 10 dollar bill in my hand and said

"go get me beer. and hurry!" I walked towards the door and walked out the house. I was wearing sweat pants

with a T-shirt and snow boots. I didn't have a jacket on I was just ready to leave that hell hole. I was walking

in the snow. the crunch of the snow and the wind filled my ears up. I finally arrived up to the gas station

(7-11 the store) and went inside. people were staring and pointing for a weird reason. I wonder why?. I ignore

all the attention and grab the beer and go to the cashier I put the beer on the counter and pay up. he takes the money

and gives me $1.25 for change. I stuff it in my pocket and head out the door. I start to walk than I see someone around the corner. I start to speed walk than he starts to run than I do the same. he catches up to me and tackles me to the ground I yell "HELP!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!" he slaps me on the face and says "shut up!!" I starts to put his hand up my shirt but I slap him hard enough for me to slip threw his grip. I star to run realizing I left the beer behind and curse at myself silently. I run up to the house and run inside shutting the door behind me breathing fast. I see my dad still in the same spot as when I left. he said " so...where's my beer?" I walk up to him and say "uhh...I don't know" he gets up and is inches from my face and says "what do you mean you don't know!?" I shrug and he slaps me. *than that's when the beginning happens* A/N I hope you guys enjoyed it!!


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