Hard Life 14+

(1D not included)
There is always that girl who sits in the back of class. who does self-harm, and gets bullied. well that girl is Jessica. basically the story is about Jessica's life and how she handles it. note: this story has some mature content.


14. Chapter 14

**Next Day At School**

Jessica's POV: I walked in the school where all the memories exploded in my head from yesterday. people were looking

around and mumbling trying to figure out what had happened. All I did was walk pass them all, ignore all the pointing and names.

I reached my locker and got out the books for my biology class. than I thought should I just skip school today? I'm not really

in the mood for all these people. so I put my books back in my locker and started heading for a exit, in till a teacher stopped

me and said "Woah, Where do you think your going?" I stared out her hazel eyes, I can tell she is very strict so I better tell a really

good lie. So I said "I'm feeling awfully sick, and I think I should go home" after I said that I tried to pass her but she still

blocked me and said "...Fine you can go" I tried to not show any expression saying I was happy I got to leave that Hell Hole.

I walk out the school feeling the fresh air go through my hair. I begin to walk unsure of where I was planning on going.

I walk in till I see this very broken downed building, I walk closer to it and see a window. I look inside and see men standing

around a bed talking and drinking. I felt a shiver run through my body at the feeling of a bad atmosphere. I try to look over

one of there shoulders to see what they are staring at and finally get a peek at there view and see a girl fully naked probley

at the age 14 lying there roped and chained to each pole of the bed crying. I gasp slightly covering my mouth, and feel tears

brim my eyes at the sight. I try to step back but step on a twig making it break which makes one of the men look behind him

and see me. I start to run in the opposite direction hoping to get away from him. I feel someone's hands go around my waist and pull me down. I fall to the ground with a hard thud on my bottom and he puts his hand around my mouth from letting me scream. He drags me back to the old building and throws me inside. I back hits the hard floor making me slightly scream, I see the girl lying in the bed glancing over at me and giving me a terrified look. What have I gotten myself into, I ask myself. I should of just stayed at school and get bullied rather than being raped. The one who dragged me in says with a horse voice "She's mine" and he gives me a lustful look and grabs me by my hair and throws me into a corner. he comes over at me and rips my shirt reveling my bra. he starts to kiss my neck and goes down to my chest making me feel very uncomptorable. I start to yell "Help, Help!" he slaps me across the face

and says "Shut Up! Or else people will hear you!" I felt a tear stream down my face while he starts to undo my pants

I cannot believe this is happening...well again. Especially if its a complete stranger..well to be honest I don't know what's

worse...getting raped by your own dad..or a complete stranger.

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