Hard Life 14+

(1D not included)
There is always that girl who sits in the back of class. who does self-harm, and gets bullied. well that girl is Jessica. basically the story is about Jessica's life and how she handles it. note: this story has some mature content.


13. Chapter 13- Let My Anger Explode

Jessica's POV: I felt....Horrible. I stared and watched her go back with her friends, mabey she is right. I am

emo, I mean I did enjoy the pain. I walked back over to the bathroom and shut the door. I placed my hands

on the Counter/sink and put my head down in till my hair covered my face, I stared down at the counter which my

hands were on and let a few tears drop, in till a waterfall of tears fell. I felt as if no one has ever loved me or if

no one ever will. I fell to the floor and leaned my back against the wall and put my knees up to my chest.

I cried and cried and cried in till I couldn't any longer. I got back up and put my hand in my pocket and got the knife

I held it tight...I held it so tight my veins in my wrists were litteratly popping out, I was so angry so with all my

strength I threw the knife to the mirror. the mirror broke and shattered to pieces all over the floor. I still felt more

anger building up so I walked over all the glass and went out the bathroom I walked down the long

hallway and saw a trash can. I picked it up and threw it, I kicked it and all the garbage spilled out. yet still more

anger was in me, I walked even further and saw a classroom door was open. I smiled and went inside, I kicked

over all the desks including the teacher's desk. I felt so wonderful and so powerful, I had to do more destruction.

I grabbed a text book and through it out the window which made it shatter. Just when I did that those dumb ass

girls walked in. one of them yelled "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?!?" I smirked and turned to her and her

friends. but before I could say anything the girl who seems to only be  brave enough to talk says "Just because

your Emo, and no one gives a shit about you, doesn't mean you can go around destroying stuff!" I wanted

to beat her so bad! I finally thought that I should say something even if I get hurt at least I can say I said something. so I said

"Bullshit!" they gave me surprised looks and before they could say anything else I continued "You  twig bitches have

made me felt horrible about myself! do you know why I cut myself! well I bet you don't cause you don't know

the pain I have to go through everyday of my life!" I felt a tear fall but I wiped it away and I continued "I've been raped!

I've been called Emo! and I've been called a slut! I bet if one of you lived MY Life for a day you would not survive!

you would probably become suicide!" they stared at me like if I was a ghost. One of them said "I'm sorry"

the two other girls glanced at her than back at me. the one that just apologized walked out the room, the two

other girls still in front of me. The other girl came up to me and said "I'm truly sorry, I don't even know why

I did all this" a tear started brimming at her eyes than she walked out. One last girl was standing in front

of me, the one who mostly said all the mean stuff that truly made me go all crazy and do self harm.

she looked down at the floor and she looked up at me and said "I'm sorry, and your right, I probley couldn't

live your life, please, I probley wouldn't last a hour...what i'm saying is that your right. im sorry" than

she left the room. I stared at the wall very unsure of what I just heard. I sat on the floor looking at all the

damage and broken pieces of glass and I whisper "What did I just do?"

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