Hard Life 14+

(1D not included)
There is always that girl who sits in the back of class. who does self-harm, and gets bullied. well that girl is Jessica. basically the story is about Jessica's life and how she handles it. note: this story has some mature content.


10. Chapter 10

Jessica's POV: My head was hurting like crazy and my thoughts were jumbled into a mess.

it was real hard to try and recover my memory. I didn't remember anything, really..just nothing.

I heard the door open and close and slightly picked my head up to see who had just entered.

It was the doctor he was holding a clipboard and scribbled something down and glanced up at me.

he than finally spoke and said "you awake?" I laid my head back on the pillow and said "yes..

and why am I here?" He sat at the end of the Hospital bed and said "You don't remember?"

I shook my head, I didn't really feel like speaking from the dryness of my throat.

he sighed and said "be right back" I was a bit confused, what really happened? why WAS I hear?

my thoughts were inturupted by the opening of the door. Instead of only one doctor two came in

this time. I picked my head up slightly and pushed my self up all the way sitting criss-cross

on the bed. I asked "What's Happening?" the doctors sat on the guess chairs next to the bed and

asked me "Do you know who Steven is?" I squinted my eyes and tried my hardest to remember

but just couldn't I replied saying "No, No I don't know who he is" the doctors looked at each other and said

"What do you remember?" I tried to re-think everything but nothing came to mind I looked at the doctors

and said "Nothing, I don't remember nothing" they got up with no reply and went out the door.

I was really confused, who was Steven? I laid back down and lightly closed my eyes.

this place was very confusing. I don't know why they keep on asking me these questions.

am I suppose to know the answers to these questions? I tried to block out every thought but they kept on

coming back. did I have any parents? where were they if I did have parents? I felt the slight urge to

fall asleep so I forgot everything and went asleep.


A/N srry for the short chapter again. but trust me longer chapters to come.

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