The Best Dream Ever... Or Is It?<3 ~A Niall Horan Fan Fiction~

Tayler Nichols is a normal 19 year old girl. Her Best Friend, Haley, is the twin of Zayn Malik. Tayler has met the boys multiple times, but she has developed special feelings for Niall Horan over time, and she wants to find out if he likes her. Haley found out that she was invited to got to the beach for two weeks over summer break with the boys, and she decided to invite Tayler along. Will this dream turn into reality? Will Niall actually like her? What will happen?


2. Wednesday Is Finally Here..

Tayler's POV

               Ahhhhhhhhh! Haley and I screamed to each other. She had stayed the night with me last night. She already had her stuff packed and we stayed up for hours planning my outfits, because she knew I had feelings for Niall. At my house she has her own room. We went to bed early and here we are now. I took a long shower to wake me up. Since I figured it may be cold on the plane, I picked out my aqua blue skinnys, a lace black Hollister tank, a neon and black belt, green Nike socks, and tan Sperrys. I got out of the shower and wrapped my towel around me, I plugged in my hair straightener, brushed my teeth and hair, got dressed then straightened my hair. I smelt something. Haley made breakfast, she made sausage biscuits. We ate and chilled for a while, then she decided to call Zayn.

*phone rings*

Zayn: Hello?

Haley: Hey bro!

Zayn: Hey Hay.

Haley: What time are you and the boys going to the airport today?

Zayn: We are leaving in the next hour, our plane leaves at 1:30.

Haley: Okay meet you there. Love ya. Bye!

Zayn: Bye sis!

*call ends*

"On our way shall we?" I said. "Sure, the airport is 45 minutes away." "Leggo?" "Leggo!"

I locked the house and we loaded our stuff into the car, we were on our way. We listened to music and sang along. finally we arrived. "We're here!" "Yay!" We walked into the airport and I couldn't believe what I saw....

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