The Best Dream Ever... Or Is It?<3 ~A Niall Horan Fan Fiction~

Tayler Nichols is a normal 19 year old girl. Her Best Friend, Haley, is the twin of Zayn Malik. Tayler has met the boys multiple times, but she has developed special feelings for Niall Horan over time, and she wants to find out if he likes her. Haley found out that she was invited to got to the beach for two weeks over summer break with the boys, and she decided to invite Tayler along. Will this dream turn into reality? Will Niall actually like her? What will happen?


3. Flight 207!

Niall's POV

          She looked beautiful. I haven't seen her in a while. I have liked her since the day we met. Tayler was so pretty; the way her hair flowed in the cool summer breeze, the way her beautiful brown eyes sparkled in the sunlight, her smile was contagious, her straight whited teeth were brighter than the moon on a dark winter night. She was pure beauty. I just didn't know if she felt the same way about me as I did for her. I loved her. And I was determined to find out if she felt the same way on the trip. I was determined.

Tayler's POV

          I saw him, he was handsome. His ind eyes. His amazing hair that flowed just the right way. His teeth that made me smile every time I saw his them. I just thought he was pure amazingness. And I honestly thought... That I loved him. I look up at him and he was staring at me and I didn't know why. I was a little shook up by this, but back to my thinking, I was destined  to find out if he liked me like I did him. I slowly walked over to the boys with Haley at my side. The first to say anything was Zayn; "HEY GUYS!" "Hey!" I screamed right in his ear. He flinched because of this, it was kind of funny though. Next too say anything was Liam; "Long time no see, stranger." "Haha.. Yeah. True that." Harry, then Louis.. Then, last but not least, to greet me, was of course, Niall. "Hey doll face" he said with a flirty grin on his face. "Hey baby doll I said playfully. I hugged all the boys; Niall first, he smelt... amazing... he smelt like my favorite kind of Axe. He had on my favorite outfit of his: His green polo, khaki pants, and his auqa blue tennis shoes. After we had a short convo, we were scared by the lady on the intercom; "FLIGHT 207 NOW BOARDING, FLIGHT 207 NOW BOARDING!" "Well, that's us.." Zayn said calmly. "Leggo?" Haley said happily,"Leggo!" I replied excited.

*On the Plane*

Haley said to me: You will be sitting beside the window with Niall" She said pointing at the first row. She winked to me, laughing. 

I thought too myself, this is going to take a while..

"HERE WE GO"Everyone screamed.

"And we're off.." The pilot said.

Here we go I thought...

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