The Best Dream Ever... Or Is It?<3 ~A Niall Horan Fan Fiction~

Tayler Nichols is a normal 19 year old girl. Her Best Friend, Haley, is the twin of Zayn Malik. Tayler has met the boys multiple times, but she has developed special feelings for Niall Horan over time, and she wants to find out if he likes her. Haley found out that she was invited to got to the beach for two weeks over summer break with the boys, and she decided to invite Tayler along. Will this dream turn into reality? Will Niall actually like her? What will happen?


1. Want To Come?

Tayler's POV

            I awoke to my cell phone singing What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction. "Hello?" I said tiredly.  "Hey! Why are you still sleeping?" Haley screamed excitedly. " Well, it is only 7:30 in the morning.... on Saturday!" "Oh, anyway.. Can I come over?" "Yeah, sure, why not?" "Okay bye!" "Bye." I clicked off my phone and set it on my side table. I got out of my bed and picked out some clothes. I grabbed my cute Hollister shorts, my long sleeve striped knit shirt, some lime green undies, and a sparkly white bra. I decided to take a quick shower. When I got out, I brushed my teeth, got dressed, and put my hair up in a high ponytail. I walked downstairs and opened up the fridge and grabbed the milk. I didn't feel like making eggs, bacon, or pancakes, so I opened up the cupboard and grabbed my favorite cereal, Lucky Charms! I sat down at the bar in my kitchen and started to enjoy my Lucky Charms, when all of the sudden I was rudely interrupted by the doorbell. "Coming!"I arrived at the door and opened it up. "Haley!" "Tayler!". We hugged and she came inside. We went into my very large living room and sat on my lime green couch we used to call the marshmellow. Haley interrupted my thoughts of memories and started talking, "Hey so I have to ask you a very important question to ask you," "Hit me with it" "Okay, so I was talking to Zayn today and he said that him, and the boys were going on a summer vacation too Hawai'i. And he asked if you and I wanted to come. They have a beach house there right in town, but also less that a mile from the beach. Do you want to come? We are going to be there for two weeks." "Oh My Gosh! Are you serious? I would love too! When do we leave?" "We leave on Wednesday." Okay!" "Yay! Do you care if I stay the night tonight? I don't want to go home to my mom.." " Sure, you have to go home to get your stuff right?" "Nope, I brought my duffle bag when I came." "Oh typical Haley." We sat there laughing for a few minutes. "Mooooovie?" "Absolutely". We chose to watch the Channing Tatum movie, "The Vow." That was OUR favorite movie. When the movie was over we were crying, eating skittles and drinking chocolate milk. We ate lunch at home, we made PB&J Sandwiches. We had a short night just watching t.v. and eating popcorn. We passed out on the couch.

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