Having that One Thing

When eighteen year old Brie finds five cute, British boys on her doorstep, she doesn't know of the value their names hold. She thinks they are guys off the street. Until they ask her to come on their Take Me Home tour. She made a promise to herself the moment she stepped on the bus that she wouldn't fall for one of them, but as she draws closer, can she resist her temptation?


2. Promise

I wake up on a comfortable couch on a moving automobile and five eyes piercing my skin. I hear sighs and a group of guys crowd around me with three beautiful girls slowly joining them. I try to shy away from them, not remembering how I got here in the first place.

" Love, don't be scared. We aren't going to harm you." The curly haired one said. They all looked oddly familiar but I couldn't places names with faces.

Finding my voice, I spoke, " Yeah, well, that's what murderers or rapists always say before they attack."

The group start laughing and one boy was on the floor. I didn't find it that funny. I was actually being serious.

" We should probably introduce ourselves." says the blonde, " I'm Niall Horan." He sticks his hand out and I take it slowly, but he reassures me with a gentle squeze.

 The next boy was Curly, "I'm Harry Styles. Pleasure to meet you." He took my hand from Niall and brought it to his lips for a light kiss. How sweet. I am sensing that they are all from across the pond.

Next was the one with a shaved head. He had a girl wrapping her arms around him and his fingers were intertwined with hers. There's love.

" I'm Liam and this is my girlfriend Danielle." He says, picking up her hands. Danielle smiles at me,I take that as a sign of welcome.

Next was a guy with a beanie and a girl on his lap with her arms wrapped around his neck. Well, if that isn't a sign of ' He's mine, stay away,' then I don't know what was.

I'm no threat to her. She has a flawless face, long blonde hair, and light, icy blue eyes that compliment her features; where as I have next-to-albino skin, auburn hair and dark blue eyes. I don't wear the lastest fashion trend, like her I assume. My father picked out all my clothes and I would rarely get new ones.

" I'm Zayn Malik." Way to leave out your girlfriend there, buddy.

" I'm Perrie Edwards, as my boyfriend so rudely didn't point out."

I nod hoping to continue from the tension.

I see a cute couple next, holding hands like high school sweethearts. The boy had a huge grin and the girl was giggling like there was a secret joke between the two.

" I'm Louis Tomlinson and this is my beautiful girlfriend Eleanor."

I smile at all of them then realize they are waiting for me.

" Well, I'm Brienna Lynn and it's nice to meet you all, but I would like to get home before my dad notices I'm gone and freaks."

They share glances before Harry says, " Don't you remember last night, love?"

" No and I would prefer you not to call me 'love'. I am no one's love."

" Well, we went to your house to get help with our broken down bus, but as we were there your dad came home. He got mad at you for opening the door and slapped you. We knocked him out and brought you back to our bus. You have been asleep for two days, love." Liam explained.

I contemplated this and made a promise to myself:

I won't fall for any of these boys.


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