Having that One Thing

When eighteen year old Brie finds five cute, British boys on her doorstep, she doesn't know of the value their names hold. She thinks they are guys off the street. Until they ask her to come on their Take Me Home tour. She made a promise to herself the moment she stepped on the bus that she wouldn't fall for one of them, but as she draws closer, can she resist her temptation?


3. Jealousy

It was a laid back day until the boys decided to play one of the most childish game in the world: Truth or Dare.

We all sat in a circle and Liam asked Harry, " Truth or Dare?"

Harry laughed. " Obviously, Li, you know my answer."

With a sigh, Liam contemplated his dare before saying, " I dare you to kiss one of the girls. Zayn, Louis, you guys can't get mad if he chooses your girl though."

The two boys looked baffled for a minute before looking down at their hands in their laps. They understood the rules.

Harry looked between us four girls before coming towards me. " No." I said without thinking. He stopped in his tracks when he heard the rejection.

" A lot of girls would love to be in your position right now, Brie. I suggest you go with it. He comes inches from my face and I shake my head in disapproval. I don't want this, no relationships. I scoot closer to the wall behind me , hoping to lie in it's wings of safety.

And it worked. He want back to his spot and crossed his arms over his chest. Pouting, I assume.

Suddenly, the bus comes to a stop and I am thankful for the release. I don't want to stay here one more minute. I was the first one off the bus as I quickly raced into the gas station. I can't form a bond with these boys but I think I already have. As I was looking at the plethora of chips they had in stock, I saw a boy with his hair in a quiff come towards me. I recognize him, even without the beanie. Zayn Malik.

" Hey, Brie. Are you okay? That must have been hard for you."

I turn to him and frown. " Is it that easy to tell?"

" Yea, kinda." He chuckles.

" I'm fine, I just have never kissed anyone, let alone been kissed, so it was kind of awkward.So, where's your girlfriend?" I ask, trying to change the subject.

" She's in the lou. It's been a long day."

I laugh. " Yeah, I guess so."

" Hey, love." Says Perrie. She comes up and embraces her boyfriend, glaring at me from behind his back.

Wow, do girls really get jealous from other girls talking to their boyfriends or is it just her? 


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