Pieces of time

When i meet my idols i forget every thing that happened when a guitar hit me so will i gather all the pieces of time before its to late?


4. Sass masta from doncasta

So, basicly there were these girls back stage fan girling (crying fainting screaming) And have the time attacking me and danny while the boys were on stage.  One of those times lou saw them he wasn't that happy "stop stop stop" he said in the middle of one thing he ran back to where i was getting slamed to the ground and the girls didnt notice hime till he spoke "GIRLS!"  Niall ran back with his guitar on his shoulder. "NIALL!!!!" Harry shouted from the stage I stood up making sure i was ok then he swung aroung and slammed me in the face I immediatly fell to the ground  I don't reamember much but I remember waking up and not knowing who i am louis was niall was harry was zayn was liam was and danniy was they all surronded me in my hospital bed but lou was closer then the rest and by my bed side praying tears running down his face.  I lifted my brused hand and put it on his chin and lifted his face.  we gazed into each others eyes then somthing intteruptied us "Eleanor." niall said "Who's that" I said back looking confused.

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