Pieces of time

When i meet my idols i forget every thing that happened when a guitar hit me so will i gather all the pieces of time before its to late?


9. Ready or not here paul comes

dont make any sudden moves he said this was amazing it was strong looking looked like a snake only it had legs and a head like a lizard and eyes like an owl.  eleanor paul screamed what in your right mind would make you open that door ssshhh lou sighned him then paul looked at the ground and his eyes widend you guys brace your self thats a cactapuss what a what i said lou put his arm around my waist and stepped back these things can run faster then you and me just take a small step back at a time he warned us so we did as he said that thing still chased after us it bit lous ankle and bit my leg later we learned that they were poiseness

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