Pieces of time

When i meet my idols i forget every thing that happened when a guitar hit me so will i gather all the pieces of time before its to late?


2. Meet my idols.

Sorry I coulden't keep this in much longer I have an obbseion!!! They are called liam louis harry niall and zayn one direction.  louis is the apple of my eye, hes such a sweet pea.  the concert is next week better tell dannie she will freak!  "Daaaaanniiieee." I Shake her to wake her up "What." she groand

"It's about one direction." "I'M UP!!!!!!" she screamed I held up the passes like I said she Freaked or like we like to call it fan girled. it's next week i smiled she jumped up and hugged me chanting THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! she was practicly choking me i could barley breath she had a tight grip and just woulden't let go.



"Thats what makes you beutiful!"

My 5'9' prince charming was standing before my eyes on that tiny stage with an arena full of girls screaming and shouting their names crying screaming a room full of emotions They ran off stage and to wher there was a room full of food and kids about 5 and 6 how think they have a chance with my  man louis the tommo tomlinson!!! and dannies liam payne

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