Pieces of time

When i meet my idols i forget every thing that happened when a guitar hit me so will i gather all the pieces of time before its to late?


1. Blogging

My Name is Eleanor .  I'm the owner of a very succesful blog called my idols but no one knows who they are except me and my parents and maybe my gerbil.  Besides no time to explain I hear something in my kitchen got to run.  As by last month I've been living alone.  So I walk into the kitchen I don't know who and or what made that sound but there is no sighn of anything what so ever.  "BOO!" only it was my roomie danielle "Danielle you scared me half to death I thought you went to tulsa."  Danielles a dancer and im a model I gave her a playful punch in the arm.  I then struted my way to the living room and turned on the tellie.  I fliped to my favorite show impractical jokers.  I think that my idol's band is amazing and i've got two back stage pasess for me and dannie where I hope to meet him and his band mates.  I just thimk SUPER MAAAAAAAANNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!

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