Magical secrets

Sunny is an average, normal girl - she thinks. Her whole life is about to change when the evil magician Maltacross cast a spell over the earth and make every unmagic disappear. It is up to Sunny to save her friends and family before it's too late. With the help of her new friends, will she defeat Maltacross and save the world? And most importantly; will she live her life like she used to?


1. Just another day

Sunny's P.O.V

It's dark. I can't see anything except from a little light. It's a little dot moving all over the place. I don't know where I am or how to get away. I look up. Two balls are going up and down. One is on fire and the other is shining silver. It's beautiful, but suddenly something happens. The two balls crashes into each other and the little dot of light disappears. It's suddenly quiet, and I feel the ground underneath my feet move. I scream, but there's no one here to help me. No one. I fall, and I don't feel anything anymore.

 I woke up. It was just a dream, but not the first time. I've dreamt this before - almost. This was different. This time I heard an evil laugh after the crash and the dot disappeared. What did this mean? I walked out of my bed. I were warm. I had sweat a lot, almost too much. It felt like I was melting. I looked at the clock. Wow, it was only 3 am, and the others were asleep. Wait, what? 3 am? Weird, didn't I wake up at that time yesterday and the day before that? And the whole week before that? I felt my heart beat really fast. What was going on? This isn't normal, it just isn't. Not at all. No. I needed to know what was going on, but right now all I needed was sleep.  


"Luna!" I yelled. "What?" she said with a smile walking towards me. She wrapped me in a warm hug. "I had this weird dream again," I said with a worried face. "But this time it was different." "What? How different?" she asked. She looked worried too. Luna is my best friend. We share every secret, every little dream, and weirdly we've both been having the same one lately. "It was this dot, after the two balls crashed, the dot disappeared, and I heard an evil laugh!" Luna looked shocked at me. "Why do we have the same dream?" she asked. She knew I couldn't answer. We looked at each other, almost crying. We were too scared. I heard the school bell ring, and we ran into our classroom. We sat on our desks thinking by ourselves through the whole day.  


After school I went to my granny. She had to know what to do. She always did. I just hoped that it this time wasn't different. I told her about the whole dream. She looked shocked and it looked like she was about to have a heart attack. I told her that Luna had the exact same dream. She almost panicked. "No, no, no," she mumbled and hurried off the chair and to the cabin in the living room. She took out a dusty book and went through the pages. She found the page she was looking for and put on her glasses. "Was this the dream?" she asked and turned the book towards me. There was a picture of the sun and the moon, and a little star. There was a picture below showing the sun and the moon crash and the star fade away. Wait, hold on a minute! The sun and the moon - the two balls, the star - the dot of light. "Yes, this was the dream, but..." I said quiet, but loud enough for her to hear, "How?" She didn't answer, but started to read.   

"When the crash between the two magic worlds happens, the star of life disappears. The children of the sun and the moon gets left alone with no signs of the unmagic but memories. There are two chosen ones who will decide the ever eternity of the universe - will life stay or will magic rule the world?"  

She took off her glasses and looked at me with a sad face. "Sunny... Listen to me. You and your friend, Luna, are two different species. You are magical creatures from two different elements. You two girls are the chosen ones. The ones to decide forever." I couldn't believe my own ears. What was she saying? I was confused, but then it hit me. Sunny. My name is Sunny. Sun. I am a child of the sun, and Luna... Luna is Latin for moon, but... It just doesn't make any sense. "What?" I said with a confused, but terrifying look. I don't want to be a child of the sun while my best friend is a child of the moon. I don't wanna be a chosen one.


Granny's P.O.V

I read through the whole chapter about the element crash. It wasn't supposed to happen yet. It was still a whole generation to be born before the crash should happen. There must be something going on... I kept on browsing through the whole chapter over and over again, until I found something. In small letters - too small for me to read without my glasses - it said:

"If the crash happens generations before it should one a child made of both the sun and the moon has used it's powers to make the crash happen earlier. If this happens, the chosen ones have 96 hours to find the septer of the moon and the statue of the sun to get life back to earth. If the chosen ones fail, no human life will ever be seen anymore on planet earth and the magic's powers will be blocked forever. Only three magic creatures will keep their powers; the one who did the spell and the two chosen ones."

I have to tell Sunny and Luna. They have to know our faith is in their hands. I picked up the phone and dialed Sunny's number. Just as Sunny answered, I felt a hand on my mouth and my eyes. I was put in a bag, and suddenly I couldn't feel anything.

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