Half Way to The Sun

In a world where natural resources are running out 4 people and an advanced computer are sent to The Sun to build a Solar-panel to harvest its energy.
But they are left stranded half way between the building site and the Earth with only 4 weeks of air. When all seems lost. Someone's past may save them.


2. Trouble Strikes


Walter awoke to the sound of his clock alarm:


Flashed on the face of the clock. He had been travelling for just under 2 months and had been living off food that could have come from a rubbish tip.

Within half an hour he had got dressed and washed and was sitting at his designated pannel, a glass pannel about 4 inches tall with great flashing lights and buttons. Everything had been so calm and peaceful, until now. The system had been faulty all day. Turning on and off constantly.

"Lunch!" Grigorovich called from the rear of the room. Walter awoke. He had fallen asleep.

A plate of yellow gloop was placed next to him, It wobbled like jelly, its smell was like rotting cabbage and the taste was no better. Each of the crew took a spoonful of the gloop and cringed as it slid down their throats and settled heavily in their guts.

Without warning, the ship plumited into total darkness. Michman began to swear, fear gripping his heart.

"Get these lights on you-" He was stopped half way throught his sentence by a grinding sound."What...was...THAT!?"

"That was the engine. We're offline." Walter swollowed hard."The engine has shut down, the motor has stopped, its only a matter of time before..."

"Before what?" Grigorovich asked.

"We loose oxygen suply."

"WE'RE DOOMED!!!"Sophie sobbed. She wasn't far from the truth.

"How long?" said Grigorovich, going back to Walters statement.

"12 hours. Not good is it."

"I'll say!!!!!" Sophie was still crying.

The ship stopped dead. Due to its shape it would only travel a short distance with no motor or engine.

"So in summary:

We are stuck in the middle of space with only 12 hours of oxygen left.

We cant see,

And only have eachover to talk to. Is that everything... oh... we're all going to die." Machman said pesimisticaly.

"Basicly, oh and I realy need a wee," Gregorovich crossed his legs.



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