Half Way to The Sun

In a world where natural resources are running out 4 people and an advanced computer are sent to The Sun to build a Solar-panel to harvest its energy.
But they are left stranded half way between the building site and the Earth with only 4 weeks of air. When all seems lost. Someone's past may save them.



10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...BLAST OFF!!!! The Space rocket shuddered and shot into the air. The crew of four were forced back into their seats by the G-force. In a matter of moments they were in outer space. Gently the craft came to a stand still. It was specially designed not to vibrate during take off.

"You alright, guys?" Asked Professor Grigorovich, a part Russian part English Scientist who had spent half of his life working on the project.

"Hell yeah!" Adam Michman was an American Astranout and had been the first man on Mars.

"Again! Again!" Sophie Redington was an Engineer who had been sent to assist with the mission.

"Calm yourself, Sophie!" Walter Carmer was an ex-car engin thief, now a reformed he is the commanding engineer on this mission. 2213 Sun Solar Pannel Operation.

The opperation had been concieved by UN scientist over 100 years ago. They were planning on buliding a great Solar Pannel a close (but safe) distance from the sun to power everything on Earth. The Space Shuttle was launched from the Mars Base to shorten the trip to the chosen destination, 4 months away.

"Right," Grigorovich undid his seat belt that fasened him to his seat and let himself drift over to the controll pannel, "Comence your initial Duties."

The rest of the crew undId their seat belts. Adam floated to assist Grigorovich while Sophie and Walter struggled through the zero gravity towards the rear of the cabin and started to check the pressure and the Oxigen leval in the cabin.

Sophie couldnt understand why one button wouldn't turn. Walter casualy twisted it the other way and was able to turn it.

"Thanks." She said, embarrased.

Suddenly they both fell out to the floor. The gravity had been activated.

"You could have given some warning!" Walter called to the two at the controlls. 

"Sorry!" Grigorovich called back.

"All systems are online! We are all set up! No damage what-so-ever! We have no regestered faults." Machman had just made the biggest mistake of his life. He had completely misread the instruments. Infacts they were in more trobel than they could imagin.

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