The Stalker

A girl named Tayla is being stalked by a guy . but she does not know it is Harry Styles from One Direction. He friends her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. He starts to like and comment on all of her photos. But what will happen when he ask her to meet him in person. She does not know what he looks like because he never post any pic of him.


1. How It All Started

"Hey Tayla your phone just went off" my friend said. "Pass me my phone" I said. She passed me my phone and i looked at it. "Its something on instagram i got a new follower" I said. "How is it from" My friend said. "Someone named hotboy25" "Are you going to follow him back" "Yeah i guess" I clicked follow later that day on my status he said you look cute. I commented back saying Thanks. Later hew liked all of my photos on my wall. It started to creep me out. He gave me his number and told me to text him and maybe call. I put his phone number on my phone and sent him a text saying Hi its Tayla the girl from instagram. he sent me a message back saying we should meet up at nandos tomorrow for lunch. i said sure i'll meet you there. The next day My friend Sarah came over to help me pick out a outfit. "What do i ware to a thing like this" i said. "I don't know maybe this" Sarah said. "I guess" I said. I quickly put on the outfit she picked out. "How do i look" I said. "Perfect now get in the car and meet you guy friend" My friend said. She drove me to Nandos and said she would pick me up later. "Okay see you Later" I said as she drove off.




 Sorry for the short chapter. 

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