Knives and Pens

Joshua Kimble goes to a school filled with homophobes. His life is kind of good, his parents totally ignore him and so do the students at Grether High School. He has a house keeper that acts like the mother Kimberly, his real mom, never could be. He gets a $100 allowance from his dad. Life could be no worse. Or Could It?


12. Twelve

The next morning I woke up with a horrible ache in my neck. I fell asleep with my head on the side of his bed. I yawn and look around, massaging my neck. I hear voices close by and get up to look into the hall. I see some guys from the school. Shit. If they see me I am going to get killed, and so will Joshua. They I see Ce coming down the hall. Oh, thank Crist. She slips in before the guys. "Ce. You have to help me!" She looks at me and smiles.

"Joshua's gay-boy?" I nod. She smiles wider and leads em to the bathroom. "Here's the plan. When they guys come in, I poke my head out and ask them what is going on. I leave and talk to them, and if they try to come in I'll stop them." I nod silently.

She steps out of the bathroom as they walk in. "Hay, yawl. Who're yawl?" She ads a southern twang to her voice, oh, my, god! I bite my hand so I don't laugh.

"Oh, I'm Brett. I came to check on my friend here. He owes me a favor I plan on calling in soon. Jus had to make sure he was alive." I turns away and starts for the door, but turns back. Ce at some point started chewing gum and pops it. "Here, call me...." He hands her a number. "Ce, My name is Celine but everyone calls me Ce." She pops another bubble and makes a point of holding his hand while taking the piece of paper. Bret nods. "Well, Ce, call me some time. We a few favors for one another." He winks and walks out, his cronies fallowing.

Travis walks out of the bathroom and starts laughing. "Oh, emm gee. Where did you learn that!?"

"Well, I want to be an actress when I grow up. Why not start now?" She starts laughing to but stops and walks over to Joshua. She leans over him and her long hair hangs over her shoulder. She places a hand on Joshua's cheek. Travis becomes extremely jealous but doesn't show it.

Ce steps back and says "Poor Joshua. He had to get shot." Travis shrugs. "I told him to let me mow the lawn but he wouldn't let me."

Then, a police officer walks in with Emeline. "Hello. I am Officer Felthrew. Are you Travis.....Travis Daxion?" He asks me. "Uh, yeah, why?"

"Well, we have reason to believe this was planed to kill him and it almost did. I want to ask you a few questions." He looks at Ce. "And you are?"

"Oh, Hello Officer. I'm Ce." She is back to bubble popping bimbo. I laugh silently.

"So, Officer Felthrew, what do you want to ask me?" I lean back in my chair and smile.

"First, can we make our way downtown." Emeline steps in. "Oh, no, the boys motha asked me to keep an eye on 'im, here, at the da boy stays." The Officer nodded and seemed scared. Eliot sat on the window seat, and he giggled at the cop.

He sits in a chair and looks at me. Oh, no, interrogation time.

"When did you meet Joshua?"

"First day of school. The teachers had him show me around and help catch me up on what we are doing this year."

"How did you two get along?"

I shrug. "At first he was distant but by the end of the day we were kind of friendly, and then he came over my house so he could help me more with the school stuff, like the school account we all have. He stayed for dinner and the we were friends but he didn't acknowledge me at school, he has a reputation to uphold." The cop takes some notes.

"So, did you two have more than a friend ship?"

"You mean, were we sexually active?" He nods. "Ok, Off the record?" He nods again and looks up at me. "Yes, we engaged in sexual intercourse." He looks shocked but nods and asks

"I heard about an altercation between you two.....can you tell me more?" I nod

"Yeah. This jock, Brett was giving me trouble and at this school Joshua is top dog, but he doesn't really do anything. He just controls people because they are afraid of him. Brett beat me up a few times and Joshua decided to take head-on action. He fought me. The thing was, if he wins I would have to do anything he said, so slavery, and if I won he would protect me from Brett, and no one could touch me because I was his. I cut him with a knife to win, the fight was rigged by him so I would win."

"Was this before or after the......intercourse?"

"Before, we had sex that night." The cop looks shocked by this but writes it down.

"Did you have any reason to be mad at Joshua?"

I shake my head. "Naw, we got along fine and we haven't fought yet."

"Ok, what happened yesterday?"

"Yeah, ok, well, he had chores to do and I wanted to help him. I was going to mow the lawn but he didn't let me, his mom likes a certain pattern. I started the laundry. Then I heard some shots and looked around and realized it was outside, I ran out their and say a black van with a guy hanging out side of it driving away. Then I saw Joshua on the ground, bleeding-" I sob and stop talking.

At this point Emeline steps in and tells the cop "I think you and the boy are done for now, thank you." She grabs him and brings him outside. As soon as the door shuts I start to laugh.

"I love messing with cops, I love Emeline!" Ce giggles and says "Nice tears. I have a hard time crying on command, but how many were real?" That sobers me up a bit. "Enough of them."

Joshua says "Good." I smile and grab his hand. Ce looks at us and says "Eliot, want to go get some food?" The little boy nods and walks with her out the door.

I stand and look at him.

"I would always cry for you." I tell him and he looks at me, he yawns. "Mm, Travis?"


"I want to tell you.....I love you..." He closes his eyes slowly and I whisper "I love you too, Joshua."

I sit down hard. Shocked.....


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