Knives and Pens

Joshua Kimble goes to a school filled with homophobes. His life is kind of good, his parents totally ignore him and so do the students at Grether High School. He has a house keeper that acts like the mother Kimberly, his real mom, never could be. He gets a $100 allowance from his dad. Life could be no worse. Or Could It?


3. Three

"What are you fukin' about?"Travis askes me. I look back at him and say "Fate,Destany and life. Come up here so I don't have to keep lookin' back,will ya?" He walks up next to me. I look over at him "Trav, where did you come from?"I ask

"Well, my mom and dad had-" I jump infrom of him and put my hand over his mouth "Ok,to much information Trav! What town did you come from is what I ment." I take my hand from his mouth and he starts laighing histericly. "Oh,my god, you should have seen your face!"

He stopes laughing and tells me "I came from Montpeiler, Vermont. It was a nice place, but mom wanted to move and dad agreeed. They looked up what the best school in the Coountry was, this was one of the top 5 for high schools."

While he talked I had wiped my hand on my jeans and thought about what I want to do with thoose lips...."Oh, do you have the Math homework?" Travis askes. I look through my backpack as we walk "um,yeah, it was to tell her what you think of math in 5 sentinces."

"Ugh,that is all we got in all classes isnit? what do you think of this? of that?" I nod and through my bag over my shoulder. "You are kind of quiet during school Trav." I say suddenly. "So are you, hey why do you keep calling me Trav? You called me that twice." I shrug "I don't know, it just fits,oh,hey this is me." I say and veer off to the right, the first house on the road coming from the trail.

"Hey,Trav, are your parents home yet?"I find my self asking. He shakes his head "Naw,dad don't get home till elevin at night, and mom gets home around fiveish. I have unpacking todo still, why?"

I stop and say "Because my parents arn't home, only the housekepper, she might have her son,Eliot, but I don't like being their with them, I wanted to know if you could come over and hang, but you have unpaking. Maybe I could help?"

Travis nods, "Yeah, if I get a lot done mom will be extatic!" I run up to my door and yell "Be right back, I need to let Emeline know I am going." I run inside to the kitchen.

"EMELINE!! I am going over a friends to help them with stuff, they are new and need help unpacking. Oh, hey Eliot."I rub his hair as I run by. He shouts out "Hey, wach the hair!"

I run out the door and jump down the stairs. "Hey, lets go." We walk, like 200 feet to his house. As Travis unlocks the door he says "Oh, I have a puppy. Her name is Sabrina, but we call her Sab. She is still learning, so I hope you don't mind." We walk inside and said puppy comes running. She is adoriable. "Aww, you are a cute little girl arn't you Sab?" I say rubbing her ears. She rolls over and looks at me and I rub her belly. She sneezes a few times.

Travis is laughing. I stand and look at him and ask "What, are you jelous? do you want a belly rub?" I then chase after him, both of us laughing. I finaly grab him when he is on his way up the stairs, I pull him down ontop of me, and we fall down. He lands next to me on the floor, and between groans we are laughing. I roll over and look at him and say "Do you want a belly rub?" With a totally straight face. We start laughing harder, then Sabrina comes running up and jumps on him and licks his face, I fall back on the floor and groan. Travis then leans over me, and says with an equaly strait face "Yes, I would love a belly rub." Sab then jumps on me, making me groan. Laughing Travis askes "Are you ok, I am sore for sure." I nod and sit up on my ellows "I want a belly rub" I say pouting, laughing Travis hits me then he makes a face and starts rubing my belly and saying "Ohhh, goooooood Joshua, aww, good boy.....good doggy, aww, you like your belly rubs..."We break down laughing. He leaves his hand on my stomach. "Ok, Trav, we should start unpacking, or I WILL give you a belly rub. And then I will eat you, do you have any food?" I ask jumping up, his hand was a little to close to downtheir.

He nods and stands brushing himself off. He leads me through the house to the kitchen "Ok,what do you want?" He askes, and I think *you* "Um, got anycarrots or apples?" He hands me a bag of carrots "ooo,thanks" I take a carrot and stand agenst the wall, taking a bite I ask "What up Doc?" He laughs at the Bug Bunny refrince.

"Ok," He says looking at the livingroom "My mom wants the couch over their, and the book shelf over their, then we need to rearange my room." We move the couch easily. When we are in the procces of moving the bookcase my phone vibrates "Hey,hold up,I got a text." We stop and I pull out my phone, the text is from Kim

Why arn't you home? Are you staying wereever you are? I look at Travis "Trav, would it be OK with your mom and dad if I stayed over for dinner? Kimberly is working late, I think."

I get another text, from dad I am working late, I wont get home till 3am. Are you home? I sigh and Travis says "Naw, mom won't mind."

I text Kim R U working late? I am staying at a friends house 4 Dinner, he lives down the road. they just moved here. I get a teaxt back five minuets later.

Yes, and use real words. You must be home by midnight, and I want to meet his mom, and or dad. I look up at Travis, who is eating a carrot "Hey, toss me one, will ya? I have to be home by midnight, and Kim wants to meet your mom sometime." He tosses me a carrot "Sure, she can come over this weekend to meet both of my parents. You'r dad can come to." He shrugs. I text mom Midnight,got it. They invited you & dad over this weekend.

"Ok,well, lets keep moving." We finish the bookcase movement and walk up to his room.

Whan we enter his room Travis askes "Why do you call your mom Kimberly?" He starts moving a dresser, and I help "Well, she is a teribble mom, and she dosn'e deserve the title so I call her by her name." We get that moved and we continue to work through out the house.

After we finish moving the TV set I sit panting on the floor with a Gatorade(brandname), Travis sits beside me. His mom walks in, and stops short seeing us on the floor painting.

"Oh,Hello mom, at school to day I met Joshua," We share a look, both of know our meeting was forced he continues "He is staying for dinner because he helped move everything, and he lives down the street two houses. We moved everything to where you want it, pluse we started supper, I put water on to boil because we were going to have spagetti, and we need more carrots." Me and Travis start laughing, we ate all the carrots. The puppy comes running, she had been sleeping utill now. She jumps up at Travis's mom.

Mrs.Daxion looks at us and sighs "Ok, he can stay for dinner." She walks into the kitchen. We high five, I don't know how we became fast friends, but we did. We fallow her into the kitchen. We sit at the counter, waching her cook. I suddenly ask Travis "Are you going to join the prom comity? they start in a few weeks, really early because we have a senior prom, then a lower classman one." He shakes his head "Naw,I don't like that stuff."

His mom turns around and says "You should, you could make a lot of friends." He waves her off "Mom, this is my first and last year here, rember? I am going to collage in a year."

His mom turns back to cooking. "Oh, Joshua, would you mind if I meet your mom?" I look over a Trav and we smile "Um,well, she was asking the same thing, so me and Trav set up a lunch date this saterday where you could meet. I think you have allready met though because from what Travis has told me Kimberly represented your older son in a DUI case." Mrs.Daxion turns and looks at me and askes "Really?" I nod.

Five minuets later she says "Well, dinner is ready." We eat, Travis and I eat way more than her, and we even ask for more, which she makes.

After we are full and conplaing we are going to explode I see that the time is almost elevin Thirty. "Oh,Shoot! I gotta go!" I stand and thank Mrs.Daxion for dinner. Travis jumps up "Hey, can I come, I need to walk off all this food." I nod, Mrs.Daxion says "You can go, just bring Sabrina, she needs to go out." When Sabrian hears her name she barks.

We walk outside and Sab sniffs around. I take a deep breath. Travis walks right next to me. He suddenly askes "Why were you so hostile, and then suddenly nice to me?" I stop and look at him, I anwser "Because I have a reputation to up hold, and tommarow, don't expect me to be nice to you, ok? To every one at school I am a hard core goth badboy that dose drugs and has done time in Juvie." He laughs at this, but sobers up quickly "Ok,but, I am going to ruin your rep, caz bo one can resist this face." He smiles and we both laugh. We reach my house, "Well, see you in the moring on the way to school." I say and nod, I jump up the steps and wave, he walks away waving.

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