Knives and Pens

Joshua Kimble goes to a school filled with homophobes. His life is kind of good, his parents totally ignore him and so do the students at Grether High School. He has a house keeper that acts like the mother Kimberly, his real mom, never could be. He gets a $100 allowance from his dad. Life could be no worse. Or Could It?


13. Thirteen

Travis's POV

I stair at the ground and replay his words over and over. My leg starts to bounce. Well.....then.....I am in shock for sure. I pull out my phone and bring up Google. I type in 'Random Facts' and click on the first website. I start reading them. Random facts are my thing, they help me focus on something. I can usually figure out a problem when I have weird facts that I don't need to know going threw my head.

The door opens and Emeline walks in. "Hello, Emeline." I say. She nods to me. "Ce took Eliot to get some lunch." She sits down in a chair and pulls out some knitting.

"Are you and Joshua.....?" She doesn't look at me or finish the question.

I nod absently. "Yeah, I guess we are." I burst out. "Did you know the average telephone has over 200 parts?" She laughs. "Yeah, I'm pretty useless with my random facts like that." She stops laughing.

"You are not useless, with that you would always know if a telephone salesman was right or not." I smile. "Your a glass half full kind of person." She nods and starts knitting again.

Interesting. The door opens and Joshua's Doctor walks in. Emeline stands, I stay seated. "What's up, Doc?" I ask. He opens Joshua's chart. "Well, he is still under a lot of anesthesia. He will be sore for a while, but as soon as he wakes up and eats something he can go home. So, maybe by the end of today."

I nod. "Ok, thanks Doc. Dose he need someone to sign him out or can he sign his own release forms?" He looks at me, "Yes, he can sign himself out. He is old enough." He turns to leave.

"Wait, what is his condition, and what does he need to do? Will he be on any medications?"

The doctor looks at me quizzically. "My mum's a nurse." He nods. "Well, he is in good shape, the bullet's missed anything important. He will need help bathing for a while, and just moving will hurt. The best way for him to get better is to exercise and keep strong. Maybe a low dose pain killer. That all?" I take a moment to think and then nod. "Yep, thanks." He nods and walks from the room quickly.

Emeline sits down again. "So, you know a lot about doctors and nurses?" I nod.

"What can you tell me about that doctor, then?" She isn't knitting, but watching me.

"Who? Him?" I point out the door with my thumb. She nods "Yes, him. Dr. Silverdale."

I think. My mum never really mentioned him. Well, except for that one thing....."Well, Mum never really mentioned him. Except for this one thing, he almost lost his license because he attacked a patient for saying something, and then he almost killed another by mistake with chemo for something that didn't need chemo. Other wise he is a good doctor. I think." I shrug and text my mum.

Mum, what do you think of Dr.Silverdale?

A few minuets later I get a text back.

Professional opinion or not?

How is he as a doctor? Both

She must be on a break, or it's not very busy if she is able to text me back.

He is a semi-good doctor, although another opinion might be good. He is too touchy-feely for my taste, Y?

He is Joshua's Doc

Oh, be careful, and get another doc. Bye, sweetie, I have to work. Luv u

Luv u too, stay safe, mum


I laugh at her final reply. "My mum says we should get another Doctor, and that he is too touchy-feely for her to like him." Emeline stands.

"Ok, I'll go speak to him." I stand too, and stretch. "I'll stay here, and Emeline? I told you nothing, ok?" She looks at me and smiles. "Of corse not. Google is a girl's best friend." We both laugh a bit. She leaves and I walk around and try to wake up.

Joshua starts to move in the bed. I walk over to him. He groans. "Hey, look who's awake." I say. He blinks and try's to sit up. I help him. "Travis, what happened?"

"Well, you got shot, and you get to go home later, and the jock pack from school showed up and Ce chased them out by flirting with Jock King. Funny as fuck, man." He laughs and cringes. "Don't make me laugh, but I do wish I could have seen that!

"So, I get to go home?" He asks me. I nod. "Yep, once you eat. I'll text Ce to bring up some food."

I grab my phone from the it got their I don't know.

I text Ce.

J awake, get him some food?

Yeah, k, be up in min, got to corral E.

kk, c u then

"Ok, she'll be up in a minuet. First she needs to grab Eliot. Then some food."

"Good, I'm hungry as a bear." I laugh, "So, I got shot?" I nod.

"Yep, a van, and a white guy. Police think it was a hate crime. I don't know what against though."

I shrug and Ce walks in with Eliot. Eliot has something smeared on his face. "What is that?" I ask pointing to his face.

"Ice cream, I think. Here, take this." She thrust a tray in my hands.

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