Knives and Pens

Joshua Kimble goes to a school filled with homophobes. His life is kind of good, his parents totally ignore him and so do the students at Grether High School. He has a house keeper that acts like the mother Kimberly, his real mom, never could be. He gets a $100 allowance from his dad. Life could be no worse. Or Could It?


6. Six

We sit Eliot on the couch with the TV remote and walk into the kitchen, we grab some sodas and head up to Travis's room. He sits on the bed and I sit on the floor. "What are we going to do about the missed classes?" Trav askes me I shrug and say "I don't know and I don't care." He rolls his eyes and lyes on the bed. I shift a little. Dayam, he has a nice ass. Now that I know he is gay I should tell him. "Hay, Travis?" He looks at me and I think Shoot first, ask later "Hmm?" He askes. I take a deep breath when their is a loud bang. We jump up and run down stairs to see Travis's mom asking Eliot "Who are you?" The loud noise had been the door slaming shut. I walk forward "Mrs.Daxion this is Eliot, his mom, my house keeper, got mad at him so we brought him here to wach some TV while she cooled down." I smile and she looks at Eliot "Are you hungrey?" He nods and she leads him into the kitchen.

We sigh in releif and take over the TV. I grab the remote. Travis chases me around the couch trying to get it. I stop behind it, he stops in front. We wach each other. "Well, I am the-oomp"He had takled me over the couch. Over it, jees, he really wanted it. My breath gose whoshing out of my lungs. "Ha, and know it is mine." He grabs the remote and relises what position we are in "oh" He says in a small voice. I nod "Yeah" I say breathless.


I hope my heart isn't in my eyes, and from the look on his face it is. I cringe slightly. He starts to get up, but I grab him....I don't know why....I lick my lips and wach his face.....He looks calm....But his eyes are trubled....He leans slowly closer.......I lean up and our lips touch......I feel a spark.....I feel amazing......He leans closer and deepens the kiss.....


"Boys?Travis?Joshua? Where did you go?" We jump apart like startled rabbits....Travis clears his throught and says "Right here mom, uh....Joshua droped the remote and the batteries fell out we were uh, looking for them, Under the couch." I cough slightly and say "Yeah,I am really clumbsy some times, but we got them." For some reason Mrs.Daxion smiles and says "uh-huh, so are you two hungrey?" I nod and jump up "Tottaly." I reach down to help Travis up "Thanks, yes. I agree, food sounds perfect!" We fallow he rin to the kitchen where Eliot is eating a penut butter sandwich. He looks like a dog with the penut butter. I laugh and say "Hey,little buddy, you look redonculous. Shmaking your lips like a dog over their." Travis reacher across me to grab the bag of chips, his hand brushes mine as I try to grab the bag, I drop my hand. He takes the chips and offers me some. I take a few and ask "Whats on the menu?" Mrs.Daxion says "Sandwiches." I nod and Eliot says, with his mouth full of penut butter, "Mmmmm,It Gooooo!" Travis gives him a look and imatates "It Gwooo?" Eliot makes a face and swallows his penut butter "It is good."

I ask "Are you two done?" Travis says "Only if he is." Eliot nodds and takes anothe bite of his sandwich. Mrs.Daxion sets down a plate in front of me. It has pastrami, cheese,and pickles. Mmmmm,wonderful "Great jod mrs.Daxion." She smiles and bites into her sandwich. I eat my sandwich in record time. Travis still has his sandwich.


 Well, half of it. I wach him, and say "Travis, what is that?" I ask pointing to a picture on the wall. He looks and I reach over and grab his sandwich. He says "What? That picture?" He turns and sees me stuffing his sandwich in my face and trys to grab it and ends up pulling the sandwich in half. His mom and Eliot are laughing at us. He takes the half he got and eats it, i finish the half in my mouth and smile at him. I start to laugh t his expression, but the rest of his sandwich hits me in the face. "HEY!" I yell and I take some of it off my face and shove it at him, but he doges, so I pick up the ketchup and spray him. His mom yells "Stop." I stop but I get up and walk over to Travis and rub some mustard in his hair. "Hey! Dude, not my hair!"


 His mom laughs and says "Go wash your hair and face guys, I will clean up with Eliots help. Travis, show him the bathroom. And if ypou need a new shurt Joshua, Travis can lend you one." She starts to put the condoments in the fridge while Eliot puts dishes in the sink. We head up stairs still pushing at each other and rubbing food on each other.


We walk into the bathroom, "So, how do we do this? We don't need to shower....But we should." Travis trails off and looks at me, his cheeks are red. I think and say, snaping "We could shower together, not like THAT, mind you. We would be consurving water, and besides you got ketchup all over you, and I have pickle juice in a place pickle juice should not be." He grimanses and waches me. He shrugs, "Can't be any worse that gym class, lemmy go grab some shirts. Any lind of shirt you want in particluar?" I shrug "Naw" He nods and walks to his room. I carefully take my shirt off, not wanting to get food everywere. Travis walks in and his jaw drops, "What?" I ask looking down. "Oh,well, last time -"He coughs slightly "-I saw you undressed I was unaware of your feelings, so now, um,well,er." I clap him on the shoulder, "Dude, calm down. It is all right. Shut the door, last thing we need is your mom to walk in here, right?" I wink and he turns to shut the door.

He puts the shirts on the sink counter. He pulls his shirt over his head and my breath caches, he was right, so much different when you know how you both feel, Dayam. I pull my pants off and try to ignore him doing the same. "Shorts or no shorts?" I ask, "I don't care, but I'm not going to were them, I do not need to wear wet boxers. I have done it before, beleive me, not fun." I take my boxers off after he dose. We jump into the shower stall and he turns the water on "JESUS,DAMN, FUCKER!! COLD, COLD!!!" He backs into me, I push him into the water and laugh as he jumps around. "Well, you try standing in freezing water." It finaly warms up and he washes his hair, and I wash my face. He grabs a bar of soap and trys to get the mustard out, but he fails epicly. "Hey,Joshua, can you help me out here, and why did you have to put mustard in my hair?" I was fully clean, he just had mustard left. I laugh and scrub his head. "OW!" He exclaims but calms down as the mustard washes out. "Well, that was the main thing on my face, why did you have to throw you sandwich at me?" He giggles a little and says "Caz you took it, so I guessed you wanted it..." We are both laughing. I stop washing his hair and gasp out "Dude, mu ribs hurt, and your hair is clean." He says with a baby-talk voice "Dose the baby want his boo-boo kissed?" I nod and say "Yeah, why not?" He complies and kisses my ribs, but that makes me laugh more, I am ticklish. "Stop,stop!" I gasp out, he dose and turns the water off. I go to step out of the shower stall, but of corse, with my gravity defingness I fall over backwards. He grabs me and pushes me into the wall. "Well, At least I din't fall, but the wall isn't exactly soft eather." I say dryly. He leans closer and wispers horasely "Well, it was a smashed skull or a little brused on the back." I realise his horasness comes from the position in, dayam he was HARD! And quit large, I hadn't even noticed till now. My mouth gose dry. My turn to be hoars "Oh,um,well." I say quietly. His eyes are abeautyfull green-blue. The blue and green are kind of mixed. I lean in and kiss him. I grasp his shoulders and pull him closer, he raps his arms around my waist. His tounge runs accross my lips, I groan and open my mouth. Our tounges dance. He breakes the kiss and says "Wow......we should-"He clears his throught-"We should get dressed and down stairs, before my mother sends th calvery." I nod and step, carefully, out of the shower. I hand him a towl and begin to dry off. he dries off and gets dressed before I do. Before he opens the door though, I trap him agenst it and give him a scorching kiss.

I pull back and lean agenst him. He runs his hands over my chest under my shirt, I shiver. "Travis if you ever want to leave this bathroom agein I suggest you stop that right now." He moves his hands so they rest on my lower back, he murmers in my ear "Maybe I don't want to leave." He kisses my neack, right under my ear. I push harder agenst him. "D-d-d-dude." I say but He cuts me off with a kiss. "I know, We need to leave." He says sadly. I back away and take a deep breath. School was going to suck. A Lot.

I take Eliot home, and Travis walks with us. While Eliot runs ahead I say quietly to Trav "Listen,Travis. At school, we can't show this off. I am going to continue to be a jerk to you. I am really sorry, but I have a reputation to up hold." Travis nods and says after stoping "That is fine," He runs his hand up my arm and says in a really girly voice" I am sure their is something I could think of so you can make it up to me." He pouts slightly and starts walk. I laugh and fallow him. As Eliot rases inside the house to see his mom I grab Travis and in the shadows kiss him good night. "Joshua. Hey, thanks for showing me the falls today. I am sure you can make up your meanness somehow." he smiles seductivly and walks away whistling. I softly call after him "Tease!" He laughs and waves at me.

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