Knives and Pens

Joshua Kimble goes to a school filled with homophobes. His life is kind of good, his parents totally ignore him and so do the students at Grether High School. He has a house keeper that acts like the mother Kimberly, his real mom, never could be. He gets a $100 allowance from his dad. Life could be no worse. Or Could It?


7. Seven

The next day me and Travis walk to school, him fallowing me. Before we reach school grounds he pulls me behind a tree, out of veiw. "I wish we could be together at school, to bad they would kill us." He says and kisses me. As he breaks the kiss I grip his shirt in my hands, he isn't going anywhere "Dose that men we are a cuple?" He nods and I kiss him agein. He pulls back just enugh to say "" I nod agenst his lips and say "I am fully aware." We move back onto he path and walk to school as if nothing happened.

I walk into homeroom, Travis is my shadow. Well, time for my show. I had told Travis to expect something today last night when I came up with the plan. I growl and turn on him "Dude, why the fuck are you always fallowing me? I already have a shadow. And that one dosn't need to be protected, get off my back you fagoid. Go home to mommy. Or you can become my little bitch." The class ohh's and winces at the fagoid remarks. Travis looks shocked, and I know most is real, he was not expecting that. I see his wheels turning. He stands up strait and asks "Why on Earth would I want to suck your hairy ass balls, or go and bother my mama?" The class waches me for my reaction. I stand toe to toe with him, not a smart move, but this how I deal with people and they know it. Travis dosn't back down, he stairs me down to. The class is in utter silence. I let a growl out. I take one step back and the class ohh's. I slap him on the back "I want to talk to to after school." I put enough pressure so he knows to grimance. I let go and tall him "Back out by the bleshers. Don't be late." I hear people texting to each other. I sit down in an empty chair and Mr. Whats-His-Face walks in. He looks around suspishisly.

I walk to science, I have two art classes fallowing then performing arts then history then math. Science with Ms.Latner was a little weird, but hey. I had a helping art class, then my acualy art class.All the girls mobded me agein. I tryed to be nice, but it was so hard. When the bell rang and Travis walked in I was so happy I could have cryed. "Come with me." I whisper to Trav and lead him to an empty closet. "We have a few minuets." I kiss him and he runs his hands over my chest under my shirt. I break the kiss and shove him out of the closet. I walk out to see him getting pumbled by Brett and company. I sigh and say "Hey, Brett, I am going to talk to him later and I want him in one peice please." Brett nods and walks away, some of his croanies slap Travis a little but fallow their leader. I whisper "Sorry" to Travis and he shrugs discreatly. I sit down across from him and when no one is looking we do a quick game of footsies. I laugh quetly and we work on our projects. Travis askes for my help. I sigh and put on a big show as I get up to help him. I lean over him, glance around and make sure no one is waching. I give him a peck on the cheak near his ear I ask quietly "Are you ok? What do you need help with?" I put some space between us and he reaches back and puts his hand on my leg "Now that I can see you I am fine. I need help with this whole thing." He says the last part louder. "Can you be more spsific?" I ask he nods "Yup, this right here, I can't figure out where I need to put it, do I need to move it and are the lines strait, I can't tell." He says. I sigh and sit down, I start to explain it but Mr.Jamson walks over and says "Go work, I can handle Travis, I think you did enough helping with thouse girls. Travis snikkers knowing how I feel. I make a face in his direction and return to my seat. I work in my music indused state of calm artitude.

The bell rings and off we go to Performing arts with Mr.Swavey. We are learning about Improvasation in everyday theter. He gives us lines and tells us to memorizes as much as we can in 15min, sticks us with a partner and we have to improv what we forget. Me and Travis get paired together. I smile at him in an cruel way. I fake flinches, we were already acting everyday.

We step up and I have about 3 lines memorized. He has the first line. "I heard that the Government was trying to change the way we vote, ain't it terrible?" He has a thick cockney acent, I try not to laugh.

"Wot? Why would them their oficles do that?" I ask equily weird sounding.

"Well,from wot I has heard they want to make it better, I am open to the change ov some things here."He says, ahh, conflict.

"Are you crazy? They do nothin but make it worse for us workin class." I nod as if it is desided. Travis dosn't rember the rest I can tell. He makes it up and so do I.

"You idiot, they wont to 'elp us workin class folks!" He stands up straighter

"Naw, they don't. Yur the idiot. Did ya see wot they did to 'old Jimmy down the riva? They hung 'im up for tryin' to protest them their voten boothes." I point down to the south. The class laughs as we lay it on thick

"Naw, he wasnt protestin' nothnink he wos tryin' to git his boy outta jail and they 'ung im up high for the unlawful way 'e wos trying to do it with." He starts to get angrey, so do I.

"We, youve gone anf hurd wrong me friend." He shakes his head and starts to walk away.

"OY! Where you going mate? We outtta fight it out like men, but you walkin' away like a pansy wont help non!"I call after him rasing my fists

I see him mouth shit to himself, but he turns and rasies his fists, but Mr.Swavey says "Nice job improving that guys, nice job. Up next is....Hayley and Shaun." I sit down across the room from Travis, I feel like my shadow disapeared. I lean back and look over at Travis, he glances my way and I mouth 'Sorry' He nods slightly and looks back at the other people up front, so do I but I zone out and daydream.

At lunch I see Travis and deside to speed up our 'talk'. I walk over to him, he sees me and flinches slightly. I grine and say "Why don't we have that 'Talk'?" I ask and put my arm around him, he trys to slip from under my arm, but Brett steps up and says "Where you headin' Travis?" Travis shrinks under my arm and looks at me. I sigh and ask "Brett what do you want? Can't you see me and Travis are going to have a talk?" We walk down the hall and out the doors with half the student body fallowing. I push Trav away from me and Brett says "Yeah, I know, but I wanna wach the little girl be put in her, oh I mean his place." He sneers His. It takes all my self controll not to punch Brett. "Brett, shut up." I say and turn to Travis, by now a crowd has formed around us and Travis is trying to get out of the circle, but he can't.

He turns to me and askes "Are you going to beat me up?" I nod and laugh, saying "At least your not getting a swerly." He smiles weakly and people take up the chant "FIGHT,FIGHT,FIGHT,FIGHT"


I smile and look around. I lift my hands from my sides and call out "Lets give the people what they want!" I wink at him and he sighs. He lunges at me and trys to hit me, hi fails and the crowd laughs. I grab him as he gose by and put him in a head lock. I whisper to him "I will let you go and hit me and then just fallow my lead."


I let him go and spin away going into a crouch. He dives at me and lands a 'lucky' punch to my face, ohh I am going to have a nastey bruse tomarrow. I spin away agein and pull out my knife. He freezes. I branish the knife and people back away, but he smiles grimly and comes at me agein. The crowd ohhs at his bravery, I call it foolishness. I just miss him with the knife, he grabs my wrist and gets me to drop it.


 He swings it at me and I jump back just in time.


 I grab him in another headlock. He strugles and I tell him "Reach behind you and cut my abdomine, not deeply just a light scrach after I say some stuff the the crouwd." He stops strugaling. I say loudly "I will up the wadger. If you can cut me with my own knife I will protect you from Bretty-Boy, and I will be your friend in this school. If you can' have to do as I say for the rest of the year." People gasp at this bet. Travis has gone completly still, suddenly he gose limp "Fuck" I say as I drop, but he stops us and rolls to the ground and brings the knife up.

He cuts me on my 4th rib up.

"Ow, you son of a bitch." I say laughing "Well, we have a winner." I put my bloody hand out and he grasps it. Brett storms forward and grabs Travis. I growl out "Brett, let him go. He cut me and you heard what I said. I keep my promises. You can't touch him." I raise my voice  "He won, no one touches him. If they do they have to deal with me." Everyone takes out their phone and spreads the news. Brett lets Travis go, he raises his hands in surrender "I wont touch your bitch. But don't forget our deal, I will colect some day." He disapears into the crowd, wich slowly disperses.

"Come on. Lets get me home." I whisper. Travis sees my pale face and puts his arm around me, we walk home. We stumble into his house, it was  father but his mom is home from work and is a nurse. he lays me on the couch and hands me my knife. "Did I do this?" He askes as him mom comes running.

"What happened?" She askes calmly as she looks at the cut. I flinch and explain "I let your son carve me up so he would be safe from the bullies that used him as a punching bag. And before you ask why he dint tell it was because he did not want to be called a snich." She cringes at what I say. "Travis, get me my phone. It is in my backpack." He gets it and  dial Ce's number.


"Joshua?Why are you calling me at this ungodly hour?" She was sleeping

"Ce,It is almost one o'clock. I got cut at school by Travis."

"Was it planed?"

"Of corse it was. I-"

"Need me to hack the school and delet the footage. Ok, where did the fight occor?"

"Out behind the cafe. By the dumpsters."

"Same place?Really?"

"Yup,same as last time, and um, Brett brought up our arangement."

"Oh my. You are in deep arnt cha?" She askes

"Oh,yes I am, and he is coming for me. OW!"

"Well stop moving." Mrs.Daxion says to me as she cleans the wound.

"Well,Ce. I got to go. Talk to ya later."

"See ya, ya big baybe." She hangs up and I tose my phone to Travis. I put my arm over my eyes and think about the day I made a deal with my own personal devil.

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