Knives and Pens

Joshua Kimble goes to a school filled with homophobes. His life is kind of good, his parents totally ignore him and so do the students at Grether High School. He has a house keeper that acts like the mother Kimberly, his real mom, never could be. He gets a $100 allowance from his dad. Life could be no worse. Or Could It?


1. One

My name is Joshua Kimble. This is my story. But First I have a secret to tell you...I am Gay. I will start on the first day of my senior year.....

I go to Grether High School. I have an all right life, my parents ignore me, but they give me money, $100 a month to be exact pluse whatever I ask for. The house kepper is like a real mother. Her name is Emeline. My mother is Kimberly, my dad Boris. Kim is a lawer, and my dad is a docter. My school is full of homophobic jerking-off assholes. I am a group all my own.  I have a secret that none of them know. I am Gay.

People try to talk to me, but mostly because of a dare or something equaly stupid. I keep people away from me by dressing the way I do. All black and I have a cupla percings, I have some chains and always have my ipod with me. Usaly I walk to school with my BVB blaring in my ears, but Kimberly gave me a ride scince it is the 'first day of the rest of my life'. No joke, that was a direct quote from her.

I walk into chaos. The first day of the rest of my life. Senior year of High School. My motto 'Life sucks, then you die' rings fully true here. I walk into my homeroom and my teacher Mr.whatever hands me a envalope, it has collage lists, websites of said collages, my schedual and my locker. I hand back the lock he gave me, "I have my own" I tell the dude, holding up a red key lock.

After 15min or so we are alowed to find out lockers, most kids talk to each other. I find my locker right away. For some reason the one on my left is empty, and to my right is a classroom. After I get selltled I walk back to my homeroom, and their is one other kid talking to Mr.Swan. Mr.S looks up and smiles *oh,Shit,when teachers smile like that something-* my thought is cut off by Mr.S "Oh, good, Joshua you showed up right on time! You and Travis have the same shcedual, and you have been chosen to show him around, I put his locker right next to yours." He walks away with me glaring at his back. Danm Teachers. I turn my glare on Travis. "Hi, I am Travis Daxion." I grunt and lead him to his locker. Right. Next. To. Mine.

I wach him put his books away. I finaly tell the boy "I am Joshua Kimble." He looks up, surprised "Kimble?" I nod

"uh, yeah I just said that." He calms down a bit.

"Well, a Ms. Kimble represented my brother this summer when he got a cuple of DUI's. Are you related?"

I nod "Yeah, she is my mother."

"Woah! A lawer mother! I only wish! My mom is a nurse, and my dad is a enginer." I nod like I care and turn up my music. As I turn the BVB up I discreatly cheak him out. He has a nice ass. I start daydreaming of dirty things we could do, and relise he is staring at me. I turn the music down. "What?" I ask angerly. He shakes his head. "Oh, nothing, just wondering what you were listing to." I look at him and tell him "Black Vailed Brides."

He looks more shocked than when I told him I was related to Kim. "I love BVB! And Blink-182, and Foo Fighters, and Theory Of A Deadman and Kid Rock!" I return his shocked look, "I like all thoose bands, but I like Nickleback and Hinder too." We walk to homeroom silent. Maybe, just this once, I could let someon-NO! I cut that thought off! NO!

The bell rings, we-no I- have art first. I start toward History, which I have second. I leave my shit their then walk to Mr.jamson's room. He is one of my favorite teachers. My shadow is Travis, he sits next to me. I mean right next to me, super close. I skooch my chair away from his. Travis gives me a odd look. No one else sits at our table! Mr.Jamson walks over "Hey, how is my protije?" He shakes my hand and I tell him "Dieing for art!" He nods, he is the only teach that lets me where my headphones and listen to music, he knows I work well with it.

He starts the lesson, Cubism. Cubism uses geometric shapes to show what the artist is trying to paint. They origanly used grays, browns, greens, and yellows. But, after 1914 they used different brighter colors.Cubism was the beginning of the Abstract and Non-objective art styles. He lets me go off and do the project while he helps others, I used to stay after and learn about art with him, and during the summer I studied art. I like working with my hands.

Travis seems to be having trouble, and without relising what I am doing I am explaning it to him. He seems to understand what I am saying, and Mr.J walks by and askes me "Joshua, can I talk to you in the hall?" We walk into the hall.

He looks at me and smiles, The Smile.

"Joshua, I know you like art, and what you just did in their proves what I though of this summer. You have a talent and I want to explote it. I have already asked the princable and all your teachers. Now I need your agrement. Will you help me with the younger kids? The Sofmores and Freshmans. You would have to stay after to help me plan the lesson plan, and it would take away from class, you need to get notes from another student and you might fall behind."

I think for a moment and it dawns on me. This is what I need! A chance to see what it is like to teach. I was thinking about it over summer, becoming an art teacher.... now is my chance! "Yes,sir! I will help you, just give me a schedual!" He seems pleased and, for once, I walk into class smiling. I help Travis some more, and almost finish my Cubism. Today would be good I decided.

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