Knives and Pens

Joshua Kimble goes to a school filled with homophobes. His life is kind of good, his parents totally ignore him and so do the students at Grether High School. He has a house keeper that acts like the mother Kimberly, his real mom, never could be. He gets a $100 allowance from his dad. Life could be no worse. Or Could It?


9. Nine

He nods. I smile and open the door. It leads to my doman. The walls are black with neon spray paint everywhere. The stairs twist up and are chrome. I drop my bag by my dark mahogany desk and lead him up the stairs. He drops his bag next to mine. "Come on!" I say. I bound up the rest of the stairs to my room, I took over the entire top floor, mom and dad let me. "Kim and Boris gave me the top floor, I left the bathroom where it is but I painted it red with a mirrored celing. This floor is my baby."

The walls are different colors, my bed has raindow sheets, they have every color. My dresser is gold and silver. The main celing is back with star constolations painted on it. One whole wall is mirriors, it looks into he back yard. The floor is hard wood. I start laughing and say "I sound proffed this whole floor so I could blast my music." I walk over to my Bose starieo. I play my favorite station. Ahh,music. I grab some spray paint, shake it and spray the closest wall. Red, cool. Travis is walking around. He sits on my bed and says "Woah, cool. Soundprofed? Really?" I nod. "Yup, scream all you want no one can hear you." I grin evily and open a window "Unless the windows are open."


My TV is on the wall across from my bed, and I have a yellow book shelf by my closet, which I don't use. I walk over to my bed and lye down behind Travis. I pull him over so he is lying down next to me. I ask "Do you like it?" He nods "Yeah, I am shocked. But it fits with your personalitly." I smile and kiss him jentaly. He pulls back and says "I am glad you are gay."

I sit up and lean over him "Why?" He leans up and says "Because ever scince I saw you in the class room I have been daydreaming about what I can do with you. I kept whanting to kiss you and ask if you were gay, but I couldn't get up the courage." I start laughing. "I felt the same way. In the hall when I was showing you the locker I was staring at your ass and think some really dirty thoughts." He kisses me and asks "Oh,like what?"

I laugh and then groan. "Ow."He looks concerned "What?" I lay back and try to relax but my side herts real bad. "My cut herts like fuck. I think I moved wrong." I sit up slowly and take my shirt off. I want to look under the bandges, but I know better.

He leans over me and askes "What?" I grit my teeth and say "My Goddamn cut herts like fuckin fuck!" He throws his leg over my hip and stratles me. He smiles and says "How about I distract you?" I nod. He places a kiss on my lips and runs his hands over my chest. I kiss him back, his hands feel really good on my chest. He runs them down my sides to the wastband of my jeans. I feel him smile agenst my lips. He moves his hands slowly over the denim to my zipper. I groan as he slowly unzips it. He looks down and says "Way to go comando." I smile and shrug. "Briefs chaff, Boxers are uncomfortable and  Tity-Whitys are just plain un-manly." He laughs and pulls my jeans lower. I groan again and ask "Really? Your not playin' with me?" He looks up at me and says "Do I look like I'm playing?" I shake my head. He leans up and kisses me again.

...........Travis helps Joshua Masturbate.......

~@Time Passes@~

I wake up and yell, throwing the weigh off my chest. Travis hits the floor with a thump and groan. "Shit, dude. Sorry." I smile down at him. "You do look really good down their though." He glares at me and stands, brushing off the seat of his pants. "Why the fuck did you just throw me on the floor?" I shrug. "Well, Travis. I think it might have had to do with you laying on my chest and such. What time is it?" I only just realized that it was dark outside and the only light came from a lamp by the door. Travis looks at his watch and says "I dunno, cant read my watch." He looks around and grabs my pants.....that had ended up on the floor and takes out my cell. The blue light lights up when he slides the lock open "Password?" I shake my head "Nope, no way are you getting my password when I am naked and you have my phone. Give it." He pouts and shakes his head "No."

I growl and stand. I hold out my hand "Travis, now." He shakes his head and I run at him. He falls to the ground with me on top. I rube agenst him slightly and he drops the phone. I snatch it up, type in my password, stand and strut over to my dresser. I grab some p.j. pants and pull them on. "It is just after midnight, if you wanna get technical it is 12;34p.m." I walk over to Travis. "When did we fall asleep?" He shrugs and asks "I dunno, can we work on the homework?" I nod and lead the way to my stairs.

I sit at my desk. "Uh, is their another chair?" Travis asks. My turn to pout "You don't want to sit on my lap?" He laughs and says sadly "No, we need to get work done." I point to a closet in the corner.

We sit at the desk and I ask "Why do they give us homework the first week of school?" Travis shrugs and say "How should I know. What is the password to your computer?" He had booted it up. I reach across him and type it in. "Music, Love and Life. Is my password." Travis giggles and waits for Google to load. I get up and walk to the door, "Have fun, I need food." He nods and asks "Can I have something?" I open the door "Only if you come with me." He gets up and fallows me. We tromp down the stairs.

As I open the fridge I hear a noise, Travis opens his mouth, I shut him up by putting my hand over his mouth. He looks at me, confused, I put a finger to my lips and he nods. I reach for my knife but it isn't in my pocket, I swear silently and go to get a large kitchen knife. I slink in silence for the living room, where I hear more, a quiet cuss and a slight movement of the furniture.

I walk toward the noises and see a man, bent over on the couch, breathing heavily, he has a mask on and has his back to me. I slip silently closer and see him trying to open a locked box. I press the knife to his back and say "Put down the box, now." He sets it on the end table. "Hey, are you trying to case the place to? They haven't come home in a while, and if this is your territory I will leave. I just needed a quick score, and some fast cash. Sorry." I grind my teeth "They are on vacation, this is my house to take from. If you come back I will chop off your balls and feed them to the son's cat. Then I will kill you slowly. I expect you to pass it on to any other thieves you meet. Now, leave and don't try to see my face. Go out the way you came in. Now." He leaves and I place the box back where it belongs. I fallow him and shut the window and lock it. Travis fallows. "Dude, you were wicked!" I turn and see him standing their. I laugh and nod, "Yep. Seems like my parents aren't home.....again." I sigh and walk to wards the kitchen. Travis stops me and grabs me in a hug. I drop the knife and hold him. I pull back slightly and say "They are never home. I have had to do that 5 times in the last month alone." He steps back and leads me over to the couch and sits me down, sitting beside me is puts an arm around my shoulder. "Well, since you have been able to handle it, it shows you are strong." I nod as he presses a kiss to my temple. I stand up and say "I'll leave my door unlocked, you can do whatever and I'm going to bed, night Travis." I walk up to my room, Travis fallows. He comes up the stairs with me, I lay on my bed and he lays next to me. He falls asleep quickly.........I don't and when I do my dreams are filled with Knives and Pens.

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