Knives and Pens

Joshua Kimble goes to a school filled with homophobes. His life is kind of good, his parents totally ignore him and so do the students at Grether High School. He has a house keeper that acts like the mother Kimberly, his real mom, never could be. He gets a $100 allowance from his dad. Life could be no worse. Or Could It?


4. Four

We walk to school kind of together, and I am not to nice, but I am nice enough that he knows that I am still his friend. At the lockers the Football and Lacrosse jocks are giving Travis a hard time.

I sigh loudly and they all turn to look at me. I look at them and say "Why do you have to rape the guy under my wing? Huh? Why?" They instanly back off and the lead Jerk-off, Brett, says "Woah, Joshy-Boy, we wern't doing nothin, right Travis?" Travis shakes his head no. I turn back to the guys and sigh agein "Well, Faggass, why don't you just go and help your harem jerk-off? I don't want to see you hanging around here, ok?" I give them my 'go fuck yourself dipshit' look, He nods and they walk away. No questions were asked untill history.

"Why did you do that?" Travis askes me. "Because we are friends, and because I hate them." he nods in understanding. "No one should bother you know that they know you have my protection." The bell rings and I head to Art for the 2nd time today.

When I get their I see the Freshmen. Cool. "Ok,We have a helper for a while, his name is Joshua Kimble you will call him Mr.Kimble, or if he prefers Joshua." He looks at me and I shrug, "Whatever" I drop my stuff in the back of the room. They had all heard rumors of my jail time and drug deals so at first they were afraid of me but after the two popular girls ask me questions and flurt with me everyone wants my help. Mr.Jamson smiles and laughs as the kids crowd around me. All of them call me Mr.Kimble, but I tell them to call me Joshua. Problely every girl in that room, except one, asked me for my phone number. I ended up sitting down at a table with two girls, they seemed to be having a fun time by themselves. I told everyone to go away. They went.

"So,How are you two doing?" I ask them looking at their drawings, they are learning about Post Impressionism. Color and shadow was the main idea of this art form. One girl turns on me and says "Fine, untill you showed up!" and turns back to work. Her friend says "Ignor her, I am Amber, and this is Sidney. We are fine." Sidney Huffs but dosen't say anything. I look at her drawing "Well, that shadow should be longer, and otherwise it looks good." Sidney looks at me and growls, I back off. My phone vibrates.

The text is from Travis, all it says is HELP! I jump up and run to Mr.J "I have to go, now." He gives me a funny look and nods. I run out of the room texting back Where? He replies Guys bthrm 2 floor,NOW. I sprint their and run into the bathroom. He is on the floor crying with Brett and his favorite lacky Emmit standing over him laughing. 

I growl out "What are you FUCKIN' smokin?" They flince and turn around. They smurk "Nothing, you?" I reach into my pocket and pull out my larger than avrige pocket knife. Their faces turn white. I flick it open and ask casualy "Now, tell me why you are bothering him? The truth Jerkwad." Brett flinces. "My girlfriend was hitting on him and he just went with it, he turned her ON, not OFF." He runs a hand through his hair. "Travis, stand up and walk over here." He dose so. "Brett, he is NEW, he is unaware of who you girlfriend is, and besides she is bord with you, she told me so a week ago when we had sex."

His jaw drops. "Now, dickwad, leave and take your faggass friend with you." As they surry past I add "And no one will find out about this, understand?" They nod and run out the door.

I laugh and shut my blade with a shnik. I slip it in my pocket. I turn to Travis, he is still crying. I sigh, "Come here" I lead him to the sinks after locking the door. "You sigh alot" Travis notes as I turn the water on. I leave it running and ask "Why were they in here really?" He looks down and anwseres "He was angrey I told you this morning that they were being mean. And because his girlfriend was feeling me up right in the middle of class, I mean what was I SUPOSED to do? Yell out 'Hey don't touch me their?'" I start laughing and I clap him on the shoulder "Nice work." He shakes his head and I lower my voice and ask fully serious "Where did they hit you?" He lifts up his shurt to show me bruses that were just forming. "Ow." I say and grab a papper towel, I wet it and wipe down his chest, I try so hard to to notice his hard muscels, but man is it hard! "Ok, did they hit your face?" He shakes his head and lowers his shert. "Well, you will be sore tomarrow for sure."

I step away from him and he askes "Why did you come? You could have ignored my text. But you din't." I look at him, I could tell him the truth, but he could not be the way I am so instead I say "Because I wanted to get away from the girl Freeshmen, and because you are my friend. Never think I wont come when you need me to." I start towards the door and Travis fallows, he askes another question "Is this school Homophobe?" I nod and unlock the door, I hear him mutter very quietly "Well that sucks for me."

I turn and yell "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?" He flinches but repeats "Well that sucks for me." I calm down a little and ask "Why dose it suck for you?" He gulps and says stutteringly "Because I-I-I am Gay." He looks away, perhaps afraid of me, but I put my habd on his shoulder "I have no problem agenst Gays." I walk out of the bathroom and back to the art class, Mr.J gives me a weird look but askes no questions, which is fine by me. The bell rings, next I have metal shop.

I sit in the same seat as last time and Mr.Desiderio is sitting on his stool at his dest. We continue learnig about the equptment.

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