Knives and Pens

Joshua Kimble goes to a school filled with homophobes. His life is kind of good, his parents totally ignore him and so do the students at Grether High School. He has a house keeper that acts like the mother Kimberly, his real mom, never could be. He gets a $100 allowance from his dad. Life could be no worse. Or Could It?


5. Five

Lunch, ahhh, discusting gross school lunch. I walk toward the cafe, but I vear off and go out a side door, Travis fallows "Where are you going?" He askes. I walk toward a Black Trans Am ( Travis pauses and askes "Whose car is this?" I jump in and say "Mine, now if you want to skip and get some real food jump in." He stands teir thinking then he runs to the pasenger side and jumps in.

I start the car with a sigh. The engin purrs to life. Man, I love this car. I drive out of the parking lot. Travis looks over at me "First, who gave you this car? Second, how did you get it here? We walked." I give him and stair and press down the pedel, we fly over the road. "My dad, and I skiped for 15min to go home and get my baby. That is why I was late to Science." I keep giving him that stair and I keep going fast he starts to look worried "Um,Dude, please look at the road, unless you want to die. DUDE, look at the Goddamn road!" I smile and look at the road, I laugh and slow down. I had started driving off instinct. I was taking us toward the falls. My personal and privet thinking spot.

I drive to a trail and pull off the road. "Ok,I might have lied about the food, but, If you don't want to see what I have to show you then I will drive you back to town." I say this with full serousness. He looks at me and anwsers "Ok,what do you want to show me?" I get out of the car and smile "Sorry, but we have to walk from here." I pop the trunk and get out a backpack and sling it over my shoulder. He gets out to. I lead the way down a less used trail. He keeps up pretty well. I stop and say "Ok,we are going off trail. Their is no turning back" He nods and says "Ok,lead on"

I keep walking, but he slows me down. We finaly reach the waterfall and I sigh. I walk over to the fall, and I walk inbehind it. Travis comes intot he clearing and looks around "Hey, Joshua? Don't do this dude!" I laugh and he turns. I walk out from behind it and gesture him forward. He fallows me into the cave. The hole thing is covered in carpets and compyness. I could live here except for the food problem. Travis looks awed. "Well,what do you think?" He looks around and then at me "Cool! How did you find it?" I sit down on a carpet and he sits beside me. I lay back and say "I was hiking off trail one day and forund this place. I was getting water from the river when I fell in and I found this, here let me show you." I jump up and strip down to my boxers, "Come on!" He jets up and strips, but slower. I lead him to a hole in the floor, it is as wide as a door, and a little taller. I jump in, and he fallows.

It leads to a crystl pool under the cave, a underwater cave. We surface close together and I tell him "I fell into the river and I tried to surface, but I couldn't. I eventuly swam into here and I found the hole. I went into the cave. And found my way back." I smile and continue "I found something amazing under the water, now, if you have the balls fallow me." I dive under the water and lead him down to the bottem of the underwater cave where their is a sparkle. Dimonds.

We surface and he askes me "Are thoose dimonds? For real?" I nod and tell him "Yeah, but they are stuck down their. I can't get them up, god knows I have tried. I wish I could though..."

I swim back to the hole, but Travis grabs me and pulls me under, we start wrestaling under the water. We finaly stop to get air and we resurface right next to each other panting, I float on my back and snort water out my nose. "You had to do that?" I ask looking at Travis. He nods and disapears under the water.

I sigh. I have a feeling he is going to- He grabs me from behind and drags me down and clims on top of me, pushing me down. He jumps off me and I yell "What THE FUCK?!" He is laughing and sitting on a outcroping rock. I swim over and Sit beside him. I quietly move my hand and I push him off, I start laughing. He climbs back up and we lye back and dange our legs in the water.

Travis says "I wish that we could go back in time to when we were little and find this place. It would have been funner."

I say "Funner isn't a word."

"Shure it is." He replies. He rolls over and is looking down at me and I can't help but onder what he would do if I told him I was gay...."Hey,what are you thinkin?" He askes I jump and relise I had been staring into space. I shake my head "Nothing, just nothing." I sigh and he gives me a weird look. "Tell me Joshua." He comands. With thoose dark, dark like a storm cloud, eyes on me I flinch and say "I-I-I wish I could, but I can't." I try to smile, but he dosen't look away. I blow out a breath of air and suddenly leap up and grab him, throughing us both in the water.

I swim out under the waterfall, Travis fallows. I float in the water and he shleps his way to shore. He sits on a rock and humms. I hear the music befor I see her. It is Ce. I laugh and yell "CE, HERE! Ce, come here, I have a friend I want you to meet, his name is Travis. I am being forced to show him around." She walks into the clearing and caches a glimps of the water and instanly throughs her clothes off and dives dives in. Travis is shocked by this new development. "Trav this is Celeste, but I call her Ce. She is a friend who helps me out with stuff." She surfaces and walks over to her ipod and turns it up, mmm, Blink-182. She left her underwear on. I whistle and call out "Ce, why don't you give us a show? Come on, take it off?" I ask and wink. She replies "I will if you do." I smile and say "Ok." I know Travis is gay, but I want to show him that I am not afraid. I start to get out of the water. "No,No, I was kidding, you know I am not going to strip." I laugh and fall back into the water.

Ce walks over to Travis "Hey, I'm Ce, you must be Travis." He nods and shakes her hand. He stays where he is. Ce walks over to he bag and says "I brought food." I jump up and screem "Yeah,FOOOD" I run over to her and dive on her food. Travis walks over and eats with us. "So, how come no one ever finds this place?" He askes

I look at him and smile "Because we are crazy and they are not." He nods and agrees with me. I alk into the cave and look around and flop down on the carpet, they soon fallow me. Ce walks over to our table and grabs a Knive and starts throughing it at the target on the wall.

I look at my wach "Shit" I say and jump up "We have to go, it is 5;30. Come on. Me and Travis will head back to town, Ce where you stayin? You need a ride?" She shakes her head. Me and Travis through our clothes on. "I will get my own car back to town,thanks." Ce calls as we leave. Me and Travis run through the pathes and I jump in the car, he jumps in to and I take off like a shot. "Joshua, that was a cool place. I din't know you hiked untill now." Travis smiles at me and I laugh. I drive us home quickley and we sit outside his house on the grass doing home work.

Suddenly, Eliot comes running over and tells us "Mamma wanted me to play with you because I was in her way and she spilled flour everywere!" I laugh and brush him off "I can see that little man. So,what did you do? Sit down." I tell him.

He sits down and starts by saying "It was a boring mornign so I asked for my cars. Mamma got them from the closet that Anty Kim lets us keep stuff in and set me down with them, I started drinin them round the kitchen and I left one at the starting line caz he broke down, Mamma steped on it and started to fall, She droped the flour to grab the table. I had run over and it fell hitting a counter and spring everywere! She made me leave and come out here so she could clean." Me and Travis are laughing histerickly.

He looks at Travis "Who are you?" Travis says "I am Travis, are you Eliot?" Eliot nods and askes "Why are you so funny lookin?" travis had sliked his hair in a mohawk with the water from the river, but it had fallen and he looked kind of weird. "I had hair truble this morning, why are you covered in flour?"

Eliot gives him a look and says "I told you,gosh." Eliot looks at me and askes "Are all your friend as stupid as him?" That makes us laugh harder and I say,cluching my side, "Thankfully no, they are not. He is just weird." Eliot looks doutfull and says "I am bord Josha. Can we do SOMETHING!?" Eliot looks so say, I look at Travis and ask "Would your mom mind if we took him inside and let him wach TV?" Travis says "Naw,as long as we brush the kid off." We stand and brush Eliot off.

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